so that you do not have to drag yours with you. You can find them here: And have the extra clothes for baby in there too (you can’t change yourself until you can get up anyway). I wrapped a new Lego gift which kept my older boys busy for at least an hour but the mistake was some parts were so small they were hard to keep track of. Especially when traveling on your own with small kids: order special (e.g. – plus, when we sit down I immediately set up a bag to contain rubbish so it doesn’t spread out around us. Great tips. Be as pleasant as possible, but if they still choose to be the victim of your circumstances, that’s their issue and not yours. Whichever you choose, keep it with you on the flight (most will fit in overhead bins) so you have it when you arrive. So far we’ve made the trip three times — when our son was 2 months, 15 months, and 17 months old. Some countries only do random checks but if you don’t have it when they do, they could send you back home. And we also use them as a reward. -Extra change of clothes for the babe Each baggie had mostly healthy stuff (raisins, nuts, pretzels, crackers, Cheerios) and a few treats (three mini marshmallows, a few chocolate chips, or a couple of M&Ms). Summer sunset. I usually store my backpack overhead but keep out a smaller bag/plastic bag to keep in my seat which includes gum, wipes, kids’ snacks and book/toy for little ones. I love children. Kids will not sleep when they’re “supposed” to, and if they’re our kids, they may not sleep at all. -Husband’s e-reader It forced me to pack a day early and I never knew the 8-hour sleep could make such difference. Am I overreacting? Just in case someone has such plans. Thanks for sharing your ideas and I love your blog! I carry a light diaper bag (if just diaper wallet) most of the time and that has served me well. We carry snacks in our own bags, as well as a change of clothes for ourselves, too – just in case. This keeps tempers level (too much sugar in juice can send the kids wild) and water cleans up quick when it spills. Unless it’s a route you’ve flown before, I would not assume ahead of time that you’ll be able to have your stroller all the way to the gate. One thing that really helped me was to prepare my own special “self-care” bag, including loads of thoughtful letters from my husband and family. .-= Julie´s last blog ..Activities for 18 months + =-. I second this one! .-= Amy @ Ethiopia’s Calling´s last blog ..It’s All Coming Together =-.

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