At $65/month, you get 80GB of mobile data to service your mobile internet needs. Most NBN 25 plans will be fast enough to allow you to stream Netflix in HD on four screens simultaneously, or for two people to browse online, listen to music, and video call at the same time. I guess landline – and profits – are going the way of the dodo for those of us that don't need to vegetate and do movie / TV streaming all day long. "The Telstra bundle we recommend for pensioners is an all-inclusive package that covers your home phone – including line rental. That’s one of the reasons a huge number of Senior mobile package users head to Telstra. Telstra NBN plans are generally between $10 and $20 more expensive than the same plan with other providers so if you’re looking to save money then Big T isn’t the right place to go. There’s also the cheapest $10 prepaid option but it expires after 7 days. These plans include home phone and line rental. Here are all of Telstra’s fixed line NBN plans available, but read on to find better NBN plans for seniors. Provided that you don’t use the internet for anything intensive, NBN 25 plans should be more than ample for the needs of a two person household. Priority assistance is offered by Telstra for people who may be reliant on a telephone service because of a serious medical condition. And the NBN $70 home internet and phone on NBN is not a seniors plan, its open to anyone. So these are passed on to the customer, some RSP's don't but that is large risk position for them to take. $10/mth credit for 12 months. Additionally, if she was to combine a mobile plan into the contract, what saving would she see (her mobile is currently with another provider). Please read our privacy policy for more information. While Telstra will probably be more expensive than other ISPs, it does have the benefit of inbuilt 4g modem backup. Subscriptions start from $25 per month for the basic Pop + Lifestyles channel pack with additional costs for each channel pack. Telstra’s prepaid mobile deals have been incredibly attractive for a while now, and that hasn’t changed one bit. All the facts. You can try it for free for 10 days. This is now the only discount PCC holders are getting. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics research, the average Australian household is using around 85GB of broadband data per month but of course some of us are far above average. Indeed, my $14 a month plan gives me unlimited calls to any number in Australia for free. All the facts. Calls to certain 'high-risk' international destinations are not availab Thousands of broadband plans unpacked. Local calls and STD are included in their $65 plan, mobiles at 22c a minute is criminal these days. Each of these packages include unlimited data, but the speeds are on par with a typical ADSL2+ connection which is a touch slower than we would recommend for a two person household. Aussie Broadband do a 25Mbps NBN and phone plan for $65/month. I believe that recently NBN (and RSPs) dropped the 12/1tier and now the 25 tier is the minimum that you can get/connect at. Just take a Telstra postpaid (from $55 p/m, mthly credit on select mobile plans, ends 16 Nov) or Prepaid ($30 recharge) mobile plan and you’re in! No surprises. Although it seems easy to go with a tried and trusted name like Telstra, the provider doesn’t offer any senior discounts and is one of the most expensive carriers on the market. There are seven NBN speed tiers available but a good chunk of them will be excessive for seniors. If you are however running a small business from your home, or love online gaming then it would be worth upgrading to an NBN 50 plan so that you have a smoother experience. We currently use Aldi 30 day value pack – $15, unlimited calls. The entry-level $15/month plan gives you 5GB of data a month which, if you’re a light user, is ideal and very affordable. Each of these plans come with at least 200GB of included data and are an NBN 25 plan or faster. Telstra TV + Unlimited Data Plan Free BINGE Standard for 3 months Modem included $99/mth No lock-in contract Go to Site . This is probably the closest you’re going to get to traditional Foxtel, you’ll get access to content from your favourite Foxtel channels on demand. who still pays to call australian mobiles, local calls or STD??? You get free access to the AFL, AFLW, NRL, Netball, and the Hyundai A-League apps to stream every game of the season live, completely data-free. If you have a medi-alert or priority assistance service or believe that you are eligible, please consider this before proceeding with your order. Watch Foxtel’s premium TV shows and movies through this platform. That technology is only available to Telstra customers on their network – while a few other mobile providers sell plans using the Telstra network, they don’t have access to all the advances that Telstra’s own customers do. These are perfect if you don’t make mobile calls much, if at all – you’ve got a home phone for that – but want an active service so that people can call you. Each of these platforms use your internet connection to stream content on demand to your chosen device. The only information provided was that it costs $60/month with a download plan of 25Gb... My question is, is this a 12Mbps or 25Mbps speed plan? About this Service: WhistleOut maintains a broad list of providers to help you compare, always covering at least the top ten providers in every category so you can make a transparent choice. Those unlimited international calls look pretty good. Right now, Kayo from Telstra is also offered at $15/month for the Basic plan and only $25/month for Premium, saving users $10/month for 12 months. Your speeds will however slow to 256kbps which is too slow for seamless, basic internet activities such as browsing the web. Wow, when in reality a $10 per month mobile service would provide the same call inclusions and likely more than adequate internet data for a lot of pensioner customers. Here’s where the real value comes into play. Top Mobile Plans for Streaming Sport and TV, Switch to Telstra's New Mobile Plans and Stream on BINGE Free for 3 Months, Cheap Mobile Plans with Exciting Inclusions from Belong, Get Dodo’s SIM-Only Mobile Plans for as Little as $5 a Month. Kogan, Internode, TPG, Vodafone, Tangerine and iiNet are all offering discounts over the next six months on unlimited data plans. Your home phone’s probably already connected with them. 50GB isn’t a huge amount of data to work with per month, but if you exceed this allowance you won’t cop any excess charges.

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