What do you hope audiences took away from it? By closing this banner or continuing to browse this website, you agree to the use of cookies. And yes, we got another dog. Did you enjoy this story? When I finished, she had tears in her eyes and told me, ‘This is your next book!’ ”. I never spent any time with Mrs. Reid's felines, but I did try to rescue Billy's cat from a tree, where it had climbed to have a better view of all the snakes in the area. Cathryn had a long career as a TV writer and screenwriter. Yet Cameron said he had an encounter with one dog he felt he’d known before. It’s a pretty good trick. A Dog’s Promise continues the story of the original dog soul in A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey, but with a very special twist. But is he really a funny guy? His most recent dog at the time was in Colorado with his ex-wife and kids, and he hoped one day to have another. Funny Times: You’ve written the books 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, also 8 Simple Rules For Marrying My Daughter, and now this new one: A Dad’s Purpose. (After reviewing the controversial video, Cameron was initially “disturbed.” But he said that the edited video is taken out of context and “mischaracterizes what happened,” adding that the dog in the stunt “wasn’t in danger and wasn’t upset.”), Unlike Bailey, the reincarnated canine of the film, Tucker, a 6-year-old “mixed-up mash of who knows what” isn’t an old soul. She escorted me through my childhood and was at my side for knee skinnings, creek wadings and sled runs. Please. We flew down to Tennessee to meet her and fell in love. “I’ll be there Wednesday,” she said. “Once we got him, I couldn’t understand why I’d ever want a moment without a dog,” Cameron said. For some reason I'm remembering that the cat's name was Brenda and that Billy's sister's name was Fluffy. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. Did alleged ‘Assassins’ actually kill Kim Jong-un’s brother? Our neighbor, Mrs. Reid, was a widow who owned four cats, which my father said was evidence she wasn't interested in ever getting married again. You’ve written seven books geared toward children. Why do you think people need help coping when a pet dies? Instead, A Dog’s Purpose went into a dark room somewhere for more than half a decade. 222,059, This story has been shared 84,435 times. I don't know what I expected to happen at that point, being unsure as to how cats exhibit gratitude. Brenda's talons raked deep furrows in my chest as she scrabbled for purchase. Billy accused angrily. A Dog’s Promise was published in October. I decided to tell her a story to convince her that if her heart was open to it, her dog would come back to her. What can readers expect. Cameron with his first dog, Cammie, in 1968.

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