How does this connect to “Bowery”? Also lending credence to the idea that Bowery is a nom de plume is Swift’s dalliance with pseudonyms in the past. His grandfather’s name is William. In his song Nancy Mulligan (about his grandmother), he has a lyric that says “And I was William Sheeran”. Sheeran as Bowery is really only plausible if you also buy into the conspiracy theory that he and Swift have dated in the past or are dating now and need to cover it up. And what plays in the beginning of Betty? “Bowery” is not a particularly common surname, but it is the name of a street in downtown New York City—a place where Taylor Swift used to live and has sung about before. By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about Ed Sheeran based on my information, interests, activities, website visits and device data and in accordance with the. For more videos like this, subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live. i hope it isn’t him, that really left a sour taste in my mouth. Taylor and Ed are frequent collaborators and friends. Of course, the same could just as easily be true of someone else. She chose to use a pseudonym just because she wanted to. Swift’s ex Styles has moonlighted with songwriting under a pseudonym before, and when he did, some thought the resulting songs were about Swift. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Refinery 29 has pointed out that Dessner—who claims not to know Bowery’s true identity despite also collaborating on Folklore—thinks the real Bowery is an experienced songwriter. Even the people suggesting this one admit it’s in “total crackpot” territory. We encountered an issue signing you up. Whatever the case, the identity of a writer named William has not been this hotly contested since the Bard. He just finishes massive tours and a super hit album. All of this adds up to the obvious: There simply is no William Bowery. Ed is a classic “nice guy” who acts like a friend to women but then engages in and benefits from misogyny.,, Looking to the lyrics themselves, there’s a line in “Exile”—“We always walked a very thin line”—that fans have said evokes Fine Line, the name of Styles’ most recent album. All that said, some of the “evidence” for Alwyn as Bowery is pretty weak-sauce: Alwyn’s great-grandfather was a composer and was named William. Then there’s the question of passing a woman off as a man, which would seem to go against Swift’s belief in feminism. Ed just visited New York to launch + in the States. He has also played multiple times at the Bowery in New York. Swift’s brother, Austin, who is also a musician, played a key role in another mystery … I can understand why someone on a break would be like "eh just don't use my name"....I'm getting Bilbo baggins vibes lmaooo. The theories about his identity are numerous, so let’s go through them one at a time, from least to most believable. Ed’s roots are more folk and just like Taylor he switched to pop. Photo illustration by Slate. All signs point to William Bowery being another classic Swiftian mystery. The Trump Campaign’s Voter Fraud Hotline Keeps Getting Pranked, the real Bowery is an experienced songwriter, some thought the resulting songs were about Swift, wanting to keep their relationship very private. Just like Taylor gave babe and a better man to other artists. Watch the video below! Dessner said Alwyn’s not Bowery. Austin Swift. No one knows who it is, and Taylor has yet to comment on the subject. Refinery29 listed RM, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, as a possible Bowery, and a few Twitter users have espoused this view as well. Some fans noted that Swift’s last confirmed use of a pen name was during the Nils Sjöberg affair, and the person’s identity she was covering up then was her own.

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