I love Bernie! Jesse Valencia interviews Zia McCabe of seminal band The Dandy Warhols, celebrating their 25th anniversary and the release of their latest album Why You So Crazy.. I’ve always admired the music of The Dandy Warhols, and they’ve delivered again with their new record Why You So Crazy, out now on Dine Alone Records, a solid 40 minutes of what, to me, sounds overall like avant garde goth … There is a lot of balance throughout the tracks, the way you’ve spaced them out throughout the album. Our writers are influencers and mavericks, they are generally not journalists although some may write for a living. It’s a bummer – we came in at the wrong time, we got hosed, our fans got hosed, tons of musicians are getting hosed and their loyal supporters. There’s the dark synthpop of “Terraform” and “Forever,” with the ghostly vocals and existential lyrics, and then “Highlife” swings like a postmodern country jam with rockabilly flair. Brent and Courtney have done some good co-writing. Jesse Valencia interviews Zia McCabe of seminal band The Dandy Warhols, celebrating their 25th anniversary and the release of their latest album Why You So Crazy. You gave a rousing warm-up speech for Bernie Sanders in Portland leading up to the last Democratic presidential primary. I think I would have Janis Joplin show up, and Einstein would be in there. It’s just come out that in the recent PledgeMusic debacle, Dandys fans were screwed out of $50,000 by that company. You’ve travelled all over the road, what keeps you coming back to Portland? In addition to making music with The Dandys and spinning tracks as DJ Rescue, Portland, Oregon’s Zia McCabe is also a realtor (check her out at http://atoziarealestate.com/), sings in the country band Brush Prairie, and is a visible activist both for her community and the greater good. There are just things that we know about each other that you couldn’t know if you hadn’t lived in such intimacy for so many years. There is a lot of that on this album, and when you listen to it, it may not be a win for every listener but you can’t deny us the fact that we really put ourselves out there to experiment, and that’s my favourite thing about the record. Be Alright is like a nice day at the office for the Dandys, and Terraform I think had some cool challenges – building the breakdown into the middle was something I was really committed to and enjoyed doing, it was something that I thought the song really needed and was proud to contribute, so I hear myself in that song really well and I hear what all four of us do in that song. This past April, I sat down with Zia before their show at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. Old friends hanging out after another day of work together on the road. They’re in the middle of a world tour, celebrating their landmark anniversary plus promoting their 10th studio album, Why You So Crazy. Gaz And Abbie Neck On In Naked Hot Tub Party, Geordie Shore Flashback: The Most Rampant Shag Pad Moments | MTV Shows, Geordie Shore 1403 | OMG! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Do you want to make any comment on that? If you were to add any country, blues, or other super old-school artists to that playlist, who would you add? After that, there really are no plans – maybe we’ll feel like making another record, maybe we’ll just feel like looking over the body of our work and putting out retrospective or unreleased material – who knows what opportunities may come up. So what I really need is a person to hold my hand. By. INTERVIEW │ Zia McCabe. You want them to be a reliable person, but how can you expect that if you’re always bailing, or could be perceived as bailing. Photos by Mike Morgan. Then I learned another bass guitar part that had been written by Courtney for Plan A and I realised I really liked playing the bass guitar and that it was a really fun way to add excitement to something I’d been doing for so long. That’s an accomplishment for any band. I think whoever can get their money bank via credit card companies/banks have done so by now. Do you use any computers? If you look at Anton’s page, or the Brian Jonestown’s, he is constantly saying supportive things about us and our music and being encouraging and we play on stage with each other when different members are in towns where the shows are. I had a chance to hang out with Bernie Sanders when he was running for President and did the opening key speech – he was delayed and so we didn’t get the hang-out time that we were supposed to, so I would love to have Bernie Sanders at dinner again with me. Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston Musicians are overextended trying to keep their careers going – to deal with something like this is just exhausting and is it even worth it? Brush Prairie gets the least attention out of everything, but we do a few gigs a year. It’s such an enclosed space – I think that’s why there are very few bands who have been around for as long as we have, because is it’s hard to stay in relationships with that many people – you know, people do stupid shit or people can be mean, or just the difference in personalities over the years that you simply run out of patience. Sometimes it was really hard – I’ve missed birthdays – you just miss your kid. But that didn’t happen to us. But too late – Ondi had already filmed a bunch of it. The chances of both bands still making music 25 years later is just amazing it’s amazing that one band is, but that both are is just wild. Zia McCabe (born Aimee Springer; June 2, 1975) is a musician and realtor. I don’t know if we suffered more than we gained, that’s up for debate and depends on who you ask, but everyone’s past it now. Keep your eyes peeled for news of The Book of the Dandys, the limited edition celebration of 25 years of the Dandy Warhols by author Justine Penklis and graphic designer Thiago Vidal that is in its very final stages – sure to be a collectable, we’ll keep you posted. The European part of the tour was awesome, we had an amazing time and did seven countries – 8 shows in 9 days.

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