Driving trafficDriving traffic from offline to online has been a neglected subject. Most online marketers get tunnel vision when it comes to driving traffic to their sites. However, the combination of Online / Offline can bring in great results if done correctly. Here are some offline marketing strategies that produce results.

Driving traffic with your vehicle: Hate being stuck in traffic? Drive around town a lot? I know I do. What does that have to do with driving traffic? Everything! Your vehicle should be your mobile bill board. Think about it, most cars travel approximately 10 – 12 thousand miles a year, some even more. Why not use that travel to promote your business.

Like the business card concept, you want to use a short, direct, intriguing message that captures the imagination enough to have people take the action you desire. Your message can be placed on the back and side windows of your vehicle, the doors of your vehicle, or the license plate. The point is to display the message.

When using this strategy, having a short domain is best. People on the road don’t have much time to write down a 20 character domain. Keep it short and intriguing. I suggest buying a .info name when possible. Dot info’s are easy to remember, again keep the main domain short, and dot info’s are very inexpensive. You can buy one for as little as $1.99 for one year.

Mike Martinez driving trafficDriving traffic with Business cards: One of the key essentials to any business is your walking bill board; Your business card. Surprisingly many online business owners don’t have or pass out business cards. Yet, the business card is an excellent way to drive traffic on a local level.

The key with business cards is to create a card that is different enough to get noticed and create curiosity. Your average business card has name, telephone #, company name, and maybe a short slogan and logo. The problem is that it doesn’t inspire action. And even worse, it doesn’t stand out because it looks like every other business card.

Famed marketing genius, Dan Kennedy, advocates creating a business card with a single message; much like a bill board message. His model is to create a business card that offers a quick curiosity statement, then ask for a call to action. Following Mr. Kennedy’s advice, my business card read’s, “There is no recession on the Internet!”

The idea behind this is that you are using your business card to produce one simple action; visit the site. This now becomes an automated prospecting / traffic driving tool. Given too many options, most people take none.  Like the bill board marketing model, one quick message, requesting one simple action.

Furthermore, a unique business card has a better chance of being saved, as opposed to being thrown out. If you can make an intriguing enough message, people will take the action. This works especially well for network marketers.

Driving traffic with road signsDriving Traffic with road signs: Road signs are another great way to drive traffic from offline to online. One well placed road sign can expose your business to hundreds of people daily. Same concept goes for road signs, short intriguing message, short domain, only one call to action.

I once heard of a heavy MLM hitter who would find local businesses that were shutting down and he would place road signs along the major roadways leading to the business. That is just genius! He now had a captivated, motivated audience, and he was collecting leads every day.

Keep in mind that all these strategies are designed to do one thing, help you generate local leads. That is why I recommend that you run them through a funnel system. The domain you are advertising should lead people to a capture page where you can then build your list. Understand that you will be hitting a lot of tire kickers. That’s OK because you are doing it without spending much time. Let people prove their desire to succeed. The key is collecting names, emails, and if possible (highly recommended) telephone numbers.

So go out and hit your local markets while building your online presence. The combination of offline / online as a lead gathering system is what the top income earners are doing. Success leaves clues. Act on the strategies that work and start producing the same results.

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Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

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