Empower Network ReviewThis Empower Network Review will detail what is rarely mentioned in their marketing site, and videos. Is the Empower Network REALLY going to help you build your primary business? Not if you have a primary business and are looking to add blogging as a means to gain favorable attention, as well as, a means of positioning yourself as an expert and leader in your field.

The Empower Network Review you are about to see will help you clearly determine if this network will help or hinder your business marketing goals.

This Empower Network Review outlines;

  • How much does the Empower Network REALLY cost
  • Can I use the Empower Network to market myself
  • Can I build my primary business with the Empower Network


Empower Network Review; What does it REALLY cost?

This Empower Network Review talks about something that is rarely addressed by other “Empower Network Reviews” Mainly because other Empower Network Reviews are done by empower network members for the exclusive purpose of recruiting you into the program. No harm in creating review post to recruit… in fact, that is a great way to market a program. But understand that you will get better, unbiased information if you read a review from someone that is outside of network or program itself.

Going back to the cost, you hear a lot about getting “ALL IN,” which mean getting the blog, the inner circle training, and 2 separate information products totaling $1600. However, for this Empower Network Review we will focus on just the first 2 levels, i.e. $25 blog & $100 inner circle training.

You would think that the$25 blog is a bit expensive for what you are getting, which essentially is a WordPress blog, but it doesn’t stop there, at least where the price is concerned. In addition to the $25 a month cost, PLUS $20 a month for an Empower Network admin fee. So your $25 monthly investment quickly turns into $45 a month.

If you don’t already have your own auto-responder account, add another $20, new total $65, and we are talking just the blog site. If you don’t want to be a wussie (their words, not mine) you also get in on the $100 a month “INNER CIRCLE” training. New total $165 a month.

Empower Network Review Video

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”
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    18 replies to "Empower Network Review; what you should know before you get all in!"

    • Adam


      I just watched your youtube video on the empower network and I respect what you’ve done. I don’t trust empower network either.

      • admin

        Hey Adam I’ve been catching some of your videos also. Keep up the good work brother. Anyone reading this comment should look up Adam. You are going places brother.

        Best of Success,
        Mike Martinez

    • Gregory Musantry

      Excellent website Mike! You have valid points that most marketers are afraid to address. Love what you’re doing out there. Have a great day!
      All The Best,
      Gregory M Musantry

    • Bryan

      Really enjoyed the informational video about the empower network. It made sense to me.

    • asbestostesting.info

      Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my
      zynga group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Cheers

    • Stephen

      when they say 100% commission, thatch the biggest bullshit ever. EVER!
      The graph only show as if you were start at the top of the pyramid but NO! HELL NO! whats a illusion !! you will always sign under someone else so by following their rules. if you invited Lisa and it just so happened Lisa is your number one ? according to their graph …Lisa’s 1000$ belongs to the person on top of you . so where is the 100% commission from come then ? they do not explain it well at all yet they say is 100$ commission . im just lost ! correct me if im wrong

    • Ann S.

      Hi, Mike!
      Watched your video about EN and want to thank you for the truth! I am in a position where I am not sure what to market, yet I do not want a $10/hour job “surviving” paycheck to paycheck. I am off to see your site and listen to you at http://www.ez200k.com.

      Thanks for the heads up!


    • patrick McIntee

      Good morning Mike:

      I came across Your Blog, and wanted to ask you your expert advice.
      I have looking for over a online business to help my family out.
      I was in sales for over 20 years,lost my job,was out of work for over 1.5 years. Sounds like the rest of the world? But I’m a U.S veteran and we never give up,ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE…But I’m tired of the get rich quick systems, which ,makes up of 90 % of these business. I have the work ethic, leadership skills, and the personality to achieve, but dont know where to start…..any suggestions, I appreciate any suggestions…….thank you

      • admin

        Welcome Patrick. You are so right; there are tons of get-rich-quick schemes that simply hurt your pocket while filling up the pockets of those that over-promise and under deliver.

        I can tell you Patrick that although there are no short cuts, there are ways in which you can start generating income fairly quickly. It begins with narrowing down your target market so that you are not wasting time and money marketing to everyone, but to a specific audience.

        As a military man, I’m guessing you have a well organized thinking pattern. That will help you greatly. I would love to speak to you personally over the phone.

        Please feel free to contact me at my home office 856-202-5067. Looking forward to talking to you.


    • Nate Jackson

      Mike, I got here from google after searching for “empower network all en” Thank you for reinforcing my thoughts. I have seen the pictures of the top earners on stage with the big checks. But most of them I recognize as top earners in MLSP. They were people who had spent years branding themselves through their blogs and MLSP before empower network. So when empower network came along, they were already positioned with a huge list that they could market the new system to. And just like that, with the push of the send button on an email, they made a ton, based on their relationship with their existing list. Even the founders were able to bring the system to the marketplace because they had spent years branding themselves. I do not see where empower network gives you an opportunity to brand yourself. To be fair, I have seen en blogs ranking highly for some keywords in the mlm niche. But google always catches on. Once the benefits of SEO rankings goes away after a google update (just like with ezinearticles and other article directories) EN blog owners will have to promote their blogs just like any other. Sounds like all eggs in the google basket to me. I’m sure there is probably great training, and great associations to be made, but you can get that same level of masterminding elsewhere. Get a mentor, get hosting for $10/month, set up a blog and brand yourself. The founders and top earners in EN are living examples of how important it is to brand yourself, so you can be positioned to take advantage of something like empower network when it comes along.

      Nate Jackson

      • admin

        You are so right Nate. Glad to have your comment. Best of success in 2013, and lets hook up brother. Love working with heavy hitters like yourself. “It’s your time to shine!”

    • Dave

      Thanks Mike..!! Very helpful. I had been hit by Empower Network for weeks now, and wanted to find reviews about them. This was the 3rd page I came across and you explained it very well…
      Thanks Again,

    • Jim James

      nice post – if it is so good why are they posting jobs on thier site – like the one for personal assistant to president starting at $12 – $14 per hour. you would think someone with the cash these guys supposedly are making would pay a little better lmao.

      as seen here hxxp://jobs.empowernetwork.com/?p=39

      • admin

        Interesting. Didn’t know that, but it certainly makes sense. You would figure an assistant would be worth more than that.

    • Mario Arvizu

      Mr. Martinez:

      I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to where to go or what type of program I could get to learn how to sell a product that I have through the internet.
      I want to make some crafts and offer them for people to buy, they would make a deposit through Paypal, I guess, and then I would send them the product, or at least that’s how I imagine it works, but I don’t know, I’m a complete newby. I’d appreciate any suggestions or advice as to where or who to turn to.
      Thank you.
      Mario A. Arvizu

      • admin

        I would be happy to help Mario. When you get a chance, call me at my home office, 856-202-5067.

    • Ricky Gardner

      Also in addition to the above up charges to ” participate” they no longer use PayPal as a payment to process the money, and a international fee will apply on all your transactions, my bank charges 35 bucks! So that 25 dollar charge is actually 60 and the 19.95 monthly e-wallet you have to pay to be an affiliate is 54.95.

    • BEATRIZ C.


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