The Empower Network scam reviewI’m probably going to get a lot of hate email for writing an “Empower Network Scam Review,” however I believe someone should clarify the reality of the Empower Network. David Woods’ “Empower Network” is billed as a new “commission loophole,” viral blogging system that will help you market your business, while allowing you to receive 100% commissions from the system. Is that all true?

Well, the “commission loophole” is that you are getting 100% of the commissions paid out to the representatives. That is a play on words, but it is true. And, it is true that it is a blogging system. Of course, blogging is a powerful way to market your business. But is the Empower Network actually dis-empowering you, and your efforts to build your business? After all, you are blogging to build YOUR business, right?

Are you really marketing your business with the “Empower Network?”

David Woods has a very interesting story. To many, it is a very inspirational story. A young entrepreneur, starting out, facing all the same obstacles most people face in starting their business. Struggled for years on end, until one day he was taught the “SECRET.” What was that secret? Learn how to market yourself first, and then market your business, a very powerful lesson indeed.

But, is that what is happening with the “Empower Network?” Are you really marketing yourself first, then your business? I don’t think so. What you are actually doing is falling in line with everyone else in the network, then, marketing the network, and then maybe you are getting some exposure.

By his own admonition, David Woods says that his business changed dramatically once he started marketing himself first. That is what is commonly known as attraction marketing. That is the right way to market online. All the hoopla that is associated with the “Empower Network” is simply because a few dozen Internet marketing leaders are promoting the “Empower Network.” But when you look closely, you will find that these Internet marketing leaders are marketing this program from their own blog sites. And if you doubt what I’m saying, prove it to yourself. When you finish reading this post, do a Google search for “Empower Network.” What you will find is pages and pages of Internet marketers marketing the “Empower Network” from their own personal blog sites.

What I’m trying to say here is that David Woods became the David Woods we know today because he joined a community that taught him ways to market himself first. David did that by joining the master mind group from an online marketing community, Click here. And I will venture to say, that had David, not learned to market himself, and had he started marketing someone else’s program, his success wouldn’t have reached the level it has. At the very least, it would have prolonged his learning curve, until he started marketing himself properly.

Am I saying that the Empower Network is a scam? No. But what I am saying is that if you are looking to market YOURSELF, you may want to look somewhere else. The best place is your own personal blog, where you have total control of your site, your content, the images, the auto-responders, the links, and everything else.

What the “Empowering Network” is asking you to do is to post something every day on their site. You should be doing that with your own blog site. Consistency is what gets results with online marketing. You should be doing that on your site, not anyone else’s site.

Again, think about the Internet marketing leaders that you see marketing the network, they are marketing to their list, on their personal blog sites, and yes, they are making 100% commission on the sign ups. That’s a good deal from an income stand point for them. Is it a good deal from a marketing stand point for you? Not so much. Keep in mind that none of these leaders would even imagine dropping their personal blog sites and just blog on the “Empower Network.”  That’s a major clue.

The bottom line is that the “Empower Network” is designed to market the “Empower Network.” That is all well and good, but don’t expect it to position you as a leader. Don’t expect it to put you in the “attraction marketing” spot light, because it won’t. You have to do that yourself with your own blog site. Take the lesson that propelled David Woods, and other top marketers into success, and use these lessons yourself. First and foremost, market yourself first (with your own personal blog), and then market your company. Anything else will only divert you from success.




Remember, “it’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez

MIke Martinez





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    • CLB

      Bravo Mike! I agree 100% with you post here. Thanks for sharing your insight on this.

      (Your fellow INM FB Member)

      • Mike Martinez

        My focus is in helping people become successful by learning how to market themselves first, then their company. I just don’t see how you can do that with the “Empower Network.” The system is focused on marketing the network and not the individual members. And as I said, David Wood wouldn’t have become David Wood had he been marketing someone else’s program instead of himself. Just my opinion.

    • Philippe Moisan

      Hello Mike,

      You expressed in words what I had in mind since Empower Network came out. The 100% commissions looked fishy, in my opinion. After all, what business person would give 100% commission?

      2nd, I am promoting my own blog as hard as I can. I would throw those efforts down the toilet to see if that miracle thing works?

      I see David Wood’s program as a list building system for himself. When he’s ready to come out with something that people will have to pay for, his list will already have been built.

      Thanks for sharing.


    • Mikayla

      You make an interesting point… from an Attraction Marketing perspective. However, those who want their own personal blogs (or who already have them, like me) can simply interlink the two blogs in order to maximize their exposure. The Empower Network system also offers a complete newbie a way to hit the ground running with a blog that requires no technical knowledge, so they can start earning some money while they climb that learning curve towards getting their own personal blog.

    • theodore

      David is an incredible marketer indeed. He made 1.3 million from it so it says something. But your right mike, stand out be different.

      • admin

        My point exactly. I’m not taking anything from David Woods marketing skills. But the success he achieved was because he marketed himself first and foremost. The Empower Network markets David Woods, not it’s users per say. That is where the problem is.

    • dave friant

      OK I’ll way in on this one.

      Here is the thing everything you said is true, but, there is always a but. If you just got started to today your looking at 6-12 month learning curve.

      I personally have shortened that curve drastically. But I have access to something most people don’t a mentor that works with me personally on a daily basis.

      Most people tell you join their business and they’ll help you. Now here is the tricky part how much help will you really get.

      I have someone who works with me daily not because I joined his business, that wouldn’t be enough. It’s because have a personal relationship with him, he’s my son’s godfather.

      No one is going to spend 5-10hrs a week with you, unless your paying them a lot of money. If you spend 5-10hrs with a week with someone how many people could you do that for? Not many is the answer.

      Your sponsor might really want to work with that much, but they can’t. There isn’t enough time in the day. So a lot of our education we are responsible for.

      Empower Network is a tool. Tools need to be used properly or they don’t work so well. A real blogger will know to benefit from this tool and make it a powerful part of his arsenal.

      It a authority site which don’t have but I know what I can use it for boosting my personal blog and getting more exposure for me.
      There is actually a lot more that can be done but this is kind of lengthy for a comment
      Thanks for hearing me out.

      • Mike Martinez

        Dave thank you for your insight. I agree fully with you. Having a personal mentor is the key to shortening the learning curve.

        That is why my team is thriving. We provide personal one on one training to our team members. It makes a huge difference. And, we do this free of charge. It starts with having a blog with good content, then positioning yourself in front of the right target market. If you are consistent, things start to happen.

        Unfortunately, most people don’t even identify their target market. They throw things around and hope something sticks. That usually leads to frustration and failure. People quit before they even get started. When in reality, if they took the time to learn the right way to market, things start to fall in place. My mission is to help people understand these little secrets, put them in place, and help them start producing results.

        Thank you for the comment.

    • Kimberly Munday

      Thanks Mike, I was looking for someone to come up with what the real “scoop” was on this and believe me, it took quite a few clicks on other “Don’t buy Empower Network” sites to get to the real thing. The real thing to me, sounds like exactly what you are saying. Even all of the “Don’t buy Empower Network” sites were just a come-on to buy it. I got to the idea that was an idea put across to their affiliates to use in order to get clicks or leads.
      Thanks again, Mike. Especially about tipping us off to the upsales, which they swore did not exist in the original sales pitch.
      Thank you Mr. Martinez,
      If I can every return the favor that you have just given me, let me know.
      Kimberly Munday

      • Mike Martinez

        Kimberly, I appreciate the comment. I find that very few want to touch this topic. The facts are people in EN are building a great list. Unfortunately, the list is not for them.

        Blogging is not as difficult as it is being made to be. Anyone can build and have their own blog site up and running within minutes. And at a lot less than $25 a month. The program I market and use to teach people how to market themselves offers up to 4 blogs, your own personal auto-responders, video producer, custom video capture pages, and your own video conference room, all for under $10 a month.

        Best of success. Looking forward to connecting with you,
        Mike Martinez

        • Sandra from UK

          Hi Mike
          And thank you for showing me that all gurus market themselves first before their product. I am going to do Youtube vids and put them on my Empower Network blog. Such as chatting about life, creating a blending recipe video, dancing etc to get people to watch me…yes?
          You have opened my eyes to something!
          I’m not as expert as you to market myself but will create entertaining vids and go from there.
          What you think as I have no experience of setting up my own personal blog?

    • Debbie Dawson

      Thanks Mike,
      FINALLY! FINALLY!! SOMEONE with what the real “scoop” on “Empower Network” I know so many people who are caught up in this mess right now and am glad I now have some information to share about it.
      Debbie Dawson

    • Brian Lathe

      I think Mike is afraid of earning 100% commissions. 🙂 I know, I know, some prefer 30% to 100%… but at least there is a choice! 🙂

      • admin

        Not afraid of making 100% commissions, that’s downright silly. But you don’t mention that you also have to pass up 100% commissions for the 2nd, 4th and 6th rep you get. Besides, my argument is not about commissions, it’s about deception. You didn’t mention that either.

    • maxine

      Hello Mike,

      Thank you for the helpful information as I was about to purchase this. I knew it was too good to be true. I appreciate it. How may I get in touch with you to learn about creating professional blogs that are indexed and receive the right kind of ranking ?

      Again thanks,

    • succeed network marketing

      Thanks for finally talking about > Is the “Empower Network” disempowering you? – < Liked it!

    • Sandy Moore

      Funny I should find your post today Mike, which is nearly a year from when you wrote it.
      Today I was approached by yet another broke marketer who recited the same old story I’ve been hearing for the past nearly 2 years. This is what I am repeatedly hearing “I signed up with EN and I never heard from my sponsor/upline again.”
      I tell them…. why would you. They have their 100% commission and that’s all they are there for. Not everyone is just there for the money but I would say 80% are.

      I agree with everything you said here Mike and I thank you for spelling it out clearly. I have nothing against David Wood he did what he was taught…. learn how to market using attracting marketing and if you really want to make money online market your own product. That’s exactly what David has done….. unfortunately he’s left many casualties along the way. What a shame!

      • admin

        Sandy thank you for your insight. Unfortunately I get calls on a daily basis with some horror stories about EN. And to be fair, I also get some people that are staunchly against my views about EN. My purpose is not to put down EN per say. However, I am against marketing that drives newbies into thinking that by simply joining EN the floodgates will open and they will recoup their “All-IN” money before they need to pay their maxed out credit card. It is a shame. People like to take shortcuts, I like them myself, but rarely does a shortcut give you the lessons you need to grow.

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