how I made my millions This post on “How I made my millions” is not on how I made my millions, but on the CNBC show, “How I made my millions.” Hope I haven’t confused you.

Normally, I’m not a big TV guy. I rather work my business, write good content for my blog, or even talk on the phone with team members, but occasionally I will lay in bed and browse the TV. One of my favorite shows on TV is “How I made my millions.” I always say success leaves clues. And I for one get many clues from that particular show. Allow me to share three things that are universal laws that I see from each segment of “How I made my millions.”

To begin with, if you haven’t seen this CNBC show, I highly suggest you check a few out. You will find inspiring stories of everyday people that started with a dream, faced opposition, corrected their actions, failed some more, corrected their actions again, failed, and all of the sudden… BOOM! Met with huge success.

The important thing to note here is that many times we look at these success stories and we stand from a distance and look in awe of their success. Many people attribute it to pure luck. Sure we can clearly see that they found the right connections, or developed a great idea, or maybe even by “coincidence” came across a “lucky” break. I’m here to tell you that it may appear that way, but in fact this world we live in doesn’t operate by “coincidence,” it operates by law. What does that mean?

It means that we as humans have an amazing ability to attract to ourselves the circumstances, people, events, and YES, even the “lucky” breaks we seek by means of our mind’s. To some, this may be a hard pill to swallow, but the reality is that it is ABSOLUTELY evident in every case.

When you see any segment of “How I made my millions” you will see a person inspired by a dream start to move forward and take action. Many times, those first actions don’t lead to anywhere. To an outsider, it appears to be a failure. But it’s not. What we call failure is actually the beginning steps toward success. If we follow along and see the entire story, we see the person adjusting their actions, which may or may not lead to success, but they keep moving forward. Maybe another failure or two. But again, they keep moving forward. Maybe they alter their course, that’s fines. The key is moving forward. Somewhere along the line, the stars line up for them and they reach massive success.

Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), at the age of 65 received his first social security’s check for $185. He said to himself, “No way I can live off this. I’m going into business for myself.” His original idea was to sell his fried chicken recipe to restaurant owners. He packed up his station wagon and went off to sell his idea. Much to his surprise, his idea wasn’t accepted by the market place. In fact, legend has it that the Colonel was rejected over 500 times before he got his first yes.

Now let’s be honest here, would you have stayed the course after 500 rejections? Most people, I believe, would not have. And to be completely honest, I may have thought to myself, “Maybe I should change my recipe?”  Doubt, the killer of dreams, may have crept into my mind, and shut me down. But not the good old colonel. He kept going, changing his approach until he created the success we see today.  

That is the common theme I see in every episode of “How I made my millions.” Let me give a common sense advantage here; something so simple you are going to say, “Mike of course I know that.” Here it is, between you and your goal, there is a distance you need to cover. In that distance there are going to be obstacle after obstacle. Your job is to overcome the obstacles. Your job is to grow bigger than any obstacle you face. That means personal development. Because, let’s face it, if your goals are beyond your reach, which they should be, it means you need to grow in some way to arrive at the goal. Otherwise you would already have the goal.

The mistake many people do is set goals, but are not ready or willing to grow into the person that can truly handle being at that goal. If you want to make a million dollars, but you can handle having a million dollars, guess what, even if you hit the lottery and become an over-night millionaire, you will lose it. We see that all the time with lottery winners. They are just not ready for that much growth. They squander the money, make stupid investments, and finally end up right where they began.

So what is the lesson here? Three things;

  1. Start with a big, inspiring goal; Big goals energize us to continue when the going gets rough.
  2. Understand that the going is going to be rough; Know from the beginning that you will be facing obstacles. Commit yourself to the outcome.
  3. Alter the course, if you must, but never quit; Keep a clear and concise picture of your goal firmly planted in your mind. As you are facing your obstacles, know that you can and will overcome. Simple STAY THE COURSE UNTIL.

Take the life lesson from those that have conquered and use them in life so you can conquer. Success is not easy, but it can be simple. Commit to creating your own impact on this world, and maybe I will be seeing your story on “How I made my millions.”

I would love to hear your comments.

Remember, It’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez

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