Socrates-building-the-newIt took me years to fully understand this concept. Yet, I probably don’t FULLY understand it, but today I understand it at a much greater degree than I ever did in the past.

I remember once reading a book by Dr. Depak Chopra. The book was on “effortless affluence.” Obviously, at that point in my life I was looking for something for nothing. I wondered if I could indeed attract affluence without any effort on my part. Human nature is compelled to want any FREE lunch it can attain.

To my amazement Dr. Chopra seemed to suggest that humans can and should attract and manifest things effortlessly. In the book he pointed to the fact that grass doesn’t struggle to grow, it just does. In fact nature operates effortlessly in everything it does. There is no struggle in nature.

Could that really be true? Could and should we be attracting and manifesting things effortlessly? Aren’t we supposed to work HARD and STRUGGLE for what we want?

The common perception is that hard work is needed if we are to have a fulfilling life. And yet, I personally know hundreds of people that I consider hard workers who don’t have fulfilling lives. Don’t you know people like that?

Plus, to confuse the issue even more, I know several people that seem to live totally fulfilling lives that by every degree of measure seem to effortlessly attract their ideal life.

Energy flow where attention goes

There are very few things in life that I grew up believing that now as an adult I believe. When I started analyzing my beliefs, and more importantly, testing them, I was surprised at how many didn’t actually pass the test.

When I first came across this idea of “Energy flows where attention goes,” I was intrigued by it’s simple concept. I decided to test it.

To my delight, it passed every test I passed it through. Not only did I see it in my life, but I immediately recognized it in other people’s lives. Where you focus your attention, grow into your reality.

What if those that effortlessly attract things, people and situations to themselves earnestly believe and expect that they will? What if the people that work hard believe and expect that they must? What if ENERGY DOES FLOW WHERE ATTENTION GOES?

I have come to believe that those that in fact succeed at the highest levels in life do so because they produce the energy, frequency and vibrations that effortlessly attract everything needed for their ultimate outcome.

It’s as if FOCUS is the key to summoning the universe to do our bidding. If we focus our attention on a particular belief, that belief becomes our reality. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL.

Interestingly, Nicola Tesla, a genius Serbian inventor who lived from 1856 – 1943, and was at least a century ahead of his time, famously stated, “If you want to understand the Universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

I find it interesting that the “Law of Attraction” states that like attracts like. So when we focus our attention and therefore produce the energy, frequency and vibration of the things we truly want, we effortlessly attract the things, people and situations that correspond to our energy.

Could that be the missing link to effortless manifestation? I’m not here to convince you of any thing. I AM here to challenge you to test it and see for yourself.

For the next 90 days guard your focus. Come to the awareness that energy flows where attention goes. Deliberately control your focus. Don’t let any one or any thing alter you focus without your permission.

Test yourself and come to realize that you have much more control of your life than you ever imagined.

It’s you time to shine!

Mike Martinez
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