Mike Martinez Network Marketing SuccessHave you ever said, or heard that expression, “I can do anything I set my mind to.” Most people I ask say yes. Here is a good question, is that really true? Can you in fact do anything you set your mind to? Being a student of success, and seeing and hearing of thousands of examples of people accomplishing the most incredible things, I personally believe it is true. Humans have the capacity to do almost anything they set their minds to. An even better question is, what exactly does it mean, to “set your mind to it.” That is what this post will hopefully clarify.

I decided to write this post today, January 5, 2012, because as we all know, many people set New Year’s resolutions, but come February, most people can’t even remember what their resolutions were. Life has a way of setting distractions for us. And, it may even be a way for the mind to take us off course from something that in fact, internally, we don’t really believe we can accomplish. The mind is designed for success, so if inside you really don’t believe you can accomplish something, your mind will steer you in another direction, just to keep itself true to what it believes.

That is vitally important to understand. Many times we play tug-of-war with ourselves, trying to set and accomplish goals that deep inside we believe we can’t accomplish. What you will find is that belief ALWAYS wins. So, belief is important. But for now, let’s go back to setting our minds on something we want. Believe it or not, we have complete control over what we believe. Therefore, we can get ourselves to believe anything we truly want to believe in.

So what does it mean to set our mind on something? It means to develop consistent focus to a particular direction or particular subject. If for instance, you decided that you were going to develop a home business; that is where you need to set your focus on. The problem with today’s technology is that we have so much available to us that it is easy to lose focus.

Try this, open up a new browser, go on to google, and search “best home business opportunity.” Just as you get the final search results, search “online money making.” When you get those results, immediately search, “network marketing businesses.” If you kept doing searches, yet never stopping to actually look and review what you are searching, you’d be wasting your time. And, I know that all sounds so elementary, but this is exactly what people are doing. They join one company, start marketing, come across what they believe is the next best thing, join that company, start marketing for a day or two, come across another “next great thing,” join that. I’m sure you understand where I’m going.

The bottom line is that they never get to settle into any program. They don’t give any one program it’s fair trial. Yet, they end up deciding that online marketing, or network marketing doesn’t work. And they give up in total frustration.

Understand that by doing that, you are not setting your mind to anything. You are scattering your results by scattering your actions. “Setting your mind to it,” means that you allow yourself enough time to figure out what are the true steps to success. Let me make something clear here, online marketing and network marketing is all about learning how to market properly. A clue is that both phrases have the word “marketing” in them. The companies that you are joining are paying you to market for them.

With that said, marketing is the challenge that you must overcome. Dropping one company, to pick up another doesn’t solve anything because you now have to market the new company. Does that make sense? What you need to learn is how to market correctly. And, if you have seen any of my material online, my advice is always to market yourself first. I won’t get into that here, but marketing yourself first is the key to success in any online or network marketing venture.

Again, let’s go back to setting your mind on a specific goal. If we say that, yes, it’s true that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, then all we really need to do is consistently focus on the outcome we want to achieve. That is where the pot of gold can be found. Set a clear outcome, be consistent with your focus, take the actions that will produce the results, and persist until you arrive. So why do so many people fail to achieve their outcome? Simple answer; pain.

No one likes failure. We try something, and we perceive it as not working, we feel the pain of that, we stop, and we move on. That is the mistake most people do that leads to failure. Because something doesn’t seem like it is working doesn’t mean it’s not. Every action is a cause set in motion. Every action you take produces a result. Maybe it’s not the result you were after, but it is a result. Besides, most results take time to materialize. We all want instant gratification, however, the reality is, it doesn’t work that way.

So, setting your mind on something requires that you maintain focus, take consistent action, measure your results, and adjust as you go along. Here is where I’m going to throw you a curve ball. Be prepared because your mind will begin playing games with you. It will attempt to convince you that you should quit. It will tell you it was a stupid idea to begin with, after all, who do you think you are trying to accomplish such a lofty goal. We called that self-sabotage. That is when you need to take full control of your mind and push forward despite it’s discouragement. Remember, your mind is designed for success, it’s attempting to save you from what it believes will be failure. Learn to control what your mind accepts as it’s beliefs.

The key to remember is that your new goals are outside of your comfort zone. What defines your comfort zone? Your mind does. So in order for you to reach those goals outside your comfort zone, you need to persist in making the mind comfortable with your new goals. This is all about your beliefs. Once your mind catches on to your new vision, it will assist you in accomplishing your goals. Until that point however, it will fight you. It’s your job to persist, reform the mind to accept your new beliefs, and give it time to accept it and become your aid. I guarantee, if you persist, eventually your mind will become your success partner, and not only clear the way for you, but actually show you the way.

So don’t be afraid of the obstacles you will face while you attempt to improve your life and achieve your goals. Now you know, now you are better prepared. Now you know if you set your mind on any goal, you can accomplish it. And, you also know, you must remain focused, take consistent action, measure your results, and give the results enough time to flourish. And, most importantly, you now know that your mind will attempt to stop you. It will attempt to shrink you back to size. Don’t allow it.

Control the process. Persist until your mind becomes your servant.

If you could do that… if you could last through out this process, there will be nothing you could not accomplish. It’s simple, but not easy. Yet, it is doable. Anyone can do it. You certainly can.

Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to. Now you know exactly what that means.

“It’s your time to shine!”
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    4 replies to "I can do anything I set my mind to…"

    • John J Callanan

      Great post Mike. I have my goals written on a peice of paper taped on my wall right in front of me 🙂 Big list haha.

    • dave friant

      Believe, do the work, and achieve, Have it right there. Know where you want to go and keep stepping forward.

      The thing I’d like to add is to look for small victories.

      If your not making sales focus getting leads first. Once your getting leads focus on sales.

      Maybe your not getting accomplished in a day what want make that your priority.
      Find the small wins until you get the big ones.
      Thanks for the post.

    • Debra Hill

      Great great post Mike! Keep ’em coming!

    • Rich OBrien

      Mike, I can tell you really thought through this subject. Moving outside your comfort zone is the only place where growth can happen.

      I look forward to your next post.

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