This InCruises review 2020 will go over why this company has caught the attention of so many people world-wide. As of this writing, InCruises has been in business a short 5 years. In this time, they have a sales force in 178 countries around the globe. It seems as if Incruises has taken a firm grip within the cruising industry. Is this good for you , the consumer or prospective business owner?


InCruises Membership

InCruises is divided into two separate components. It’s cruising membership plan, and it’s business opportunity. Let’s address the membership aspect first. Ultimately, InCruises has put together a discount cruising platform. This platform is available only to it’s members. Membership is by invitation only. Members pay $100 dollars (US) monthly. Funds are deposited into what the company calls it’s cruise dollars fund.

Members have the ability to select world-wide cruises, currently over 5500 available cruises. These cruise trips are marketed to the general public. In other words, the cruise packages found within the InCruises platform are comparable to what is being offered on the travel sites you find online like Expedia and Priceline.

Where Incruises offers it’s major advantage is in it’s “Cruise Dollars” fund. As members are paying their monthly membership into the company, their $100 is matched by the company. Therefore, members accumulate $200 in “Cruise Dollars” on a monthly basis. These cruise dollars are specifically to be used for the purchase of a ruise or cruises within the InCruises cruise options.

The catch, if you so consider it, is that the available cruise dollars are available based on tenure. The company has set up a membership reward system that allows it’s members to access more of their available cruise dollars. First year, members have 60% of available cruise dollars. Second year, 70%. Third 80%. Fourth 90 %. And fifth year 100%.

Keep in mind, members save from the very first year. Actually, I find this to be a brilliant customer retention strategy. Their customer retention is huge. The membership value is evident.

InCruises Business Opportunity

Now let’s discuss it’s business opportunity. InCruises is structured as a network marketing compensation framework. This may turn some people off. But as you will soon see, this “framework” is brilliant as well. For an additional payment of $195, you can become part of the companies sales force. What exactly does that mean? It means you can share the membership with others, and get compensated for doing so.

The advantages are attractive:

  • Ability to get paid daily
  • The ability to cruise at a discount
  • The ability to cruise for free
  • The ability to get paid for cruising
  • The ability to end your own out-of-pocket investment in cruise dollars by bringing in 5 or more members.
  • Additional perks and rewards

The catch, if you are to consider it so, is that there is no guarantee that you can get 5 members. BTW, members can be both cruise memberships or InCruises partners. Some people find this easy. Others don’t. However, the structure is design for growth and lastly, dependable income. What you need to ask yourself is, “can I share this with enough people to warrant being a InCruises partner.

What I would bring to mind is that in today’s world, with social media being what it is, sharing this with others may be easier than most suspect. Have you ever posted vacation pictures on Facebook? Can you remeber the response if or when you did? Did you get questions? I know I have. They ask, “Where did you go?” How long is your trip?” Even, “how much did you pay?” BINGO! My opening to introduce InCruises.

Honestly, I won’t tell you getting people into the membership is easy. I don’t know you well enough to make that statement. For some it is difficult. For others it’s a cake walk. Some people get their 5  people in a week or even less. I will say, with the right strategy, most people can get it done.

InCruises Technology

One of the great things about InCruises is the technology they have available makes ,sharing the business easy. Their phone app, websites, videos, Facebook marketing system and other things put InCruises in a league by itself.

If you are looking for a company in which you can get great cruise values, make some money and see the world, InCruises is the place to be. I honestly hope this InCruises Review 2020 has opened your eyes to some new and great possibilities.

It’s your time to shine,

Mike Martinez

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