With hundreds of millions of people sitting at home in lockdown, many are wondering if it’s too late for them to create a blog? The answer is yes and no.

Confused? Allow me to explain. Traditionally, blogging was something people did as a pass-time online. They wrote about a varying assortment of things. Rarely was a blog focused on a specific topic. At least, that is how blogging first came to be.

These days, a blog that doesn’t have a specific subject attached to it, simply will not survive. Very few people have the time to waste 30 minutes reading about what you did during the day. Instead, people are looking for specific tips and tricks that will help them improve some part of their life.

Money, relationships and health are the top subjects people are looking learn, and more importantly advance their life with. Write about money saving tips and you will eventually develop an audience. Write about a secret mind-blowing sex technique, again, you will develop an audience. Share your strategies for living a healthy life, you will undoubtedly gather followers.

The power of becoming an influencer

Here is where the rubber meets the road. There is information that you have, information that probably took you years to gather, that is critically important to others. Not only important, but VALUABLE.

That makes you an expert in your particular field. That information maybe in money, relationships, health, travel, pets, a specific hobby, whatever. The key point is that you have information that may help others advance their life in some way. This is where the treasure is. Human nature is always looking to advance itself.

Here is where you become an influencer. By sharing your experience, you position yourself in peoples mind as a leader and expert in your particular subject or niche. And if you can get me to knod my head in agreement with you when you are teaching something, I will glad follow your advice.

Monetizing your influence

Online we have millions of choice for almost any particular topic. It’s incredible the Pandora’s box we opened via the Internet. Now as a respected influencer, others value your opinion and recommendations. This creates an opening for you to monetize your influence. This happens through affiliate marketing.

Creating a fortune on advice

Let’s say you write a blog on gardening as a hobby. You could easily become an affiliate of a gardening program. In doing so, you could offer seeds for sale, or maybe trees. In doing so, you would make a profit every time someone buys using your affiliate link on your post.

Your reader get a good product. Your affiliate company gets a sale. And you make a small commission in the process. A win, win , win for everyone. That is the power that is available to you today. Literately at your fingertips.

The question is, will you take advantage of it? Hopefully you will. Dare to move outside of your comfort zone. Dare to demand more of yourself. Dare to add new skills. In the process you just may find that people are eagerly waiting to learn from you. You may just discover that you have a lot more value to share than you could have imagined.

Start your blog today. Share your knowledge with others. Discover the bigger you. Leave your legacy.

It’s your time to shine,

Mike Martinez

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