Network Marketing SuccessIs that really true? Those four words can transform your life and your results. As a home business owner and trainer, I hear many excuses why people can’t succeed; My upline sucks… I don’t have the connections… I burned my friends and family list… I don’t have the money to advertise.

 The reasons are as varied as the people that speak them. However, the reality is that we create these limitations in our minds, and worst of all, we allow them to grow in strength until they become a dominating belief. These stories we create control how we respond.

Here is the good news; If we can change the story, we can rewrite our destiny. The surprising thing is that by altering a simple idea, by simply flipping the idea upside down, you can DRAMATICALLY change your results and your outcome.

What if instead of thinking, “I can’t succeed without my upline’s support,” you flipped that around and said, “I don’t care if my upline supports me. I’m going to pick up the skills I need, one way or another, and make this happen. There is no turning back!” Would your results be different? Could you attract the skills you needed if your dominating thoughts were that you ABSOLUTELY could do it? You and I both know the answer to that. Of course you could.

Unfortunately, most people, consciously or subconsciously, want to leave an opening, in the form of a “story,” so they can pass on the responsibility for their failures. Once a person comes to realize that success is entirely your personal responsibility, success happens. It may or may not happen instantly, but it will happen eventually.

That is why, “is that really true?” is such a powerful question. When you think, “My upline sucks. I can’t succeed in network marketing without them,” ask yourself, is that really true? When you think, “I just don’t have the connections to make this business work,” ask,  is that really true?

The problem stems from the fact that many people believe their own self-imposed limitations. Interestingly enough, every situation that people make for not being able to succeed has already been proven false. People with zero help from their upline have pushed on and created outstanding success, thousands of times. People that once believed they didn’t have the skills to succeed in business have found ways to overcome and prove themselves, and others, wrong by not only picking up the skills, but mastering them. That has also happened thousands of times.

In fact, your “story,” whatever it may be, has been proven false THOUSANDS of times. What you need to be clear on is that, if your “story” has been proven wrong just once, then you can prove it wrong yourself. But before anything changes, your belief must change.

How do you change your beliefs? First, turn the belief around. If you think, “I can’t attract the right prospects,” turn it around and start thinking, “It’s possible, that I am attracting the perfect prospects for my business.”

“It’s possible,” is an extremely effective tool for flipping beliefs around. Anything is possible. It’s possible that you can acquire the skills you need to succeed. It’s possible that you can be making a six figure income in your home business. It’s possible that you can create a whole new history and destiny for you and your family. All it really takes is you analyzing your beliefs, flipping them around, and focusing on it’s very real possibility. Anyone that truly desires success can find a way to succeed.

So try it out for the next 30 days. Look at your “story” and flip it around, then add, “it’s possible” to your new story. Changing your story will undoubtedly change your results. Let go of “your old story” and create the “new story” you want. It’s all within your power. Yes, it’s possible!

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

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