Mike Martinez's network marketing success“Ten’s of thousands of network marketing companies. Millions upon millions of website that are all marketing these sites. How do I choose who I will sign up with? After all, when I look at (you fill in the blanks) company, I basically see the same thing. When I sign up for someone’s optin list, I keep getting the same messages from everyone. “

Right now, as you read this, there are tens of millions of people looking for an opportunity to make money from home. They are roaming around the Internet, they are walking in your town, and they may even be your next door neighbor. There is no shortage of prospects looking for an opportunity.  What there is, is a shortage of people that stand out and position themselves as leaders. Leaders attract people to them.  Followers don’t. Where am I going with this?

The opening paragraph on this post is what a lot of people are thinking. Understand that there are millions of people that are desperately looking for an opportunity they can call their own. Problem is there are so many options online, and when a person finally narrows the options down, there are still tons of options as to who to sign up with in a particular company.

I always say, “Success leaves clues.” Here is a clue, leaders in all companies have found a way to stand out from everyone else in their company. Like I wrote in my article about blogging ( http://mike-martinez.com/blogging-for-network-marketing-success/ ), top earners in every company have their own blog sites. Your own personal blog site will make you stand out within your company and within your industry.

But it goes further than that. Leaders also design their own lead capture pages. Designing your own lead capture pages, one that is unique to you, is not a difficult task. With today’s technology, anyone, and I say this because I am certainly no techie guy, anyone can create their own capture system within minutes. You just need to right technology, and that is very easy to find.

Here is the problem, I hate to drill this so much, but it needs to be said and too few people are saying, YOU NEED TO STAND OUT! Do you stand out if I optin to your list and I get the same messages everyone else is sending? No, not really. Do you stand out if you are marketing the same site 15,000 other marketers in your company are marketing? No, not really. Do you stand out if you have your own capture system, with your own unique email messages, and your own blog site? YES, you stand out BIG TIME!

Here is the point, let’s take Amway as an example. Amway is the grand-daddy of network marketing. Amway has been in business over 50 years. It has, roughly, over 1,500,000 representatives in it’s sales force, and yet there is still great opportunities for building wealth with an Amway business, IF you can find a way to stand out. Understand, I’m not an Amway rep, and I’m not looking to promote Amway in this post. I’m simply making the point that regardless of the company, how old it is, how many reps it has, you can still make money just as easily if you market yourself properly.

Every company will tell you that their marketing system is unique. They will say that they have the best tools. But in reality, it quickly stops being unique when others in the company start using the same marketing system. That is why it is imperative that you find ways to stand out.

One of the things that really frustrates me about our industry is that top income earners, for the most part, teach everything about marketing but this. However, they themselves are constantly finding ways to stand out, be it with blogs, their personal websites, their own lead capture pages, their own CD’s, or DVD’s, whatever, but they find multiple ways to stand out. Yet, they teach you the “old school”, friends and family approach. Not cool.

Let me say this before I close this post. Doing what I described in this post takes commitment, and leadership qualities. Followers will read this and say to themselves, “Mike Martinez is out of his mind thinking I should go through all that trouble when I have a perfectly good website here. My website even has a company video. I’m not going through all that trouble.” Leaders on the other hand, will see the logic in this approach, and if by any chance they are not doing these things, they will do whatever it takes to create their own identity, not just blend in with everyone else. I guess that is why we call them leaders.


For those of you who are using company replicated page, here is a great option. Before I share this link with you, let me just say that this company is being used by many top online marketers. The question is why? The answer is, just as we have been talking about, this company facilitates you branding yourself.

You will have access to every tool you need to create a strong web presence that will promote you, not just your company. Of course, you want to market your company. No one is denying that. What we are talking about is marketing yourself, first and foremost, and then marketing your company. When you do that you position yourself for leadership.

I recommend this company because I’ve been using their services for years. My site, http://www.mike-martinez.com is hosted with them. And like I’ve said many times in the past, I’m not a techie guy at all. Yet I create sites, capture pages, video capture pages, auto-responder campaigns, and all the rest easily. Plus, I’ve helped and taught others do the same.

They have top of the line web hosting, blog builders, auto-responders, ready to use capture pages, video capture pages, and tons more. Best of all, prices start at less than $10 a month, how can you beat that?

When you think about it, most people are paying for replicated websites that, as I wrote before, everyone in the company is using. For a mere $10, you can stand out, create your own list, market yourself and your company, and develop several additional streams of income to boot. For me, it just makes sense.

Finally, here is the link, click here!

For those of you that sign up for your account, please contact me so we could go over some site building techniques that I would love to share with you.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez 856-202-5067

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