freedomWhen you don’t have money, you think it’s all about the money. At least I did. I remember the days when my pockets were empty and all I did was wish for more money. In my mind, I felt as if money was the solution to all my problems, and my deep-seeded desires.

After decades of chasing after money I came to realize three things that transformed my relationship with money forever.

First of all, chasing money is ABSOLUTELY the wrong approach. By virtue of the expression itself, “CHASING” implies running after something that is running away from you. You have to figure out how to attract wealth, not chase after it. The power is in attraction.

Second, one of the major ways to attract wealth is by acquiring a prosperity consciousness. I remember Napoleon Hill stating that ONCE YOU ACQUIRE a prosperity consciousness the money will come so fast you would wonder what happened all those “thin years.” Prosperity consciousness is the key to attracting wealth.

And finally, when it is all said and done, it’s not about the money at all. Money is the by-product of success. I have it all wrong. I thought the money came first, and then I’d be a success. When in fact, you first provide a valuable product or service, you eventually become a success, and then the money follows.

In addition, here is something else I didn’t realize at the time. I wasn’t really after the money. I was after the freedom that money allows. I clearly remember one Saturday that I out doing some business that would ultimately net me over $1000 for that one day, actually, about seven hours of business, and yet I was miserable. WHY? Because it was my grand daughter Aaliyah’s birthday and I wasn’t able to attend her party. I remember begging my wife to hold off on cutting her cake until I got home. Powerful lesson for me.

I believe freedom is what we are all after. The money is simply the channel to that end. I now know that the ability to do what I want, when I want, where I want is the ultimate goal. The accumulation of money just for the sake of money is not the end result. FREEDOM is the end result.

So here is the bottom line…
Don’t chase money for the sake of money. Develop a prosperity consciousness and the money will be attracted to you. Once you have that, you will come to realize that FREEDOM is the ultimate goal. It’s not about the money at all.

Remember, It’s your time to shine!


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