What if, RIGHT NOW, you decided to make 2020 the best year of your life?What would it take for you to TRULY follow thru and deliberately live the phenomenal life you know you are capable of living? Stick with me here because I’m about to share with you a strategy that will allow you to do just that. “Living your “Best Life” in 2020 is within your grasp.

What happened in 2019?

Today is a great day to reflect on what exactly happened to your goals and ambitions for 2018. Reflection and contemplation is how we correct our course. Course correction is part of the success process. The problem is that so few of us spend any time in reflecting and correcting, and so, we continue to repeat errors.

Jim Rohn, an incredible leader in the motivational speaking arena was famous for sharing his success strategy. He said, “The key to success is to eliminate the errors. And replace them with disciplines practiced everyday.” Stop and think for a second. Think about how powerful those two sentences are. “Eliminate the errors. And replace them with disciplines practiced everyday.? 

Think about where your life would be if in January 1st, 2018, you SERIOUSLY took on that challenge? Where would you be today? However, most people don’t spend any time in reflection or contemplation, therefore they never identify the errors. Consequently, they never correct them. Repeating errors consciously or unconsciously.

Two new habits to transform your life in 2020

So are you up for the challenge? What if you were to learn two new habits that could take your life to the actual life you’ve been dreaming about, would you follow thru? Maybe you say? What if the habits didn’t require money, much time and energy, and you were fully in control at all times?

Let me share with you these two habits. Habit #1 is Focus. Two of the richest men on the planet, when asked what was the greatest contributor to their wealth and success. Both men, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, immediately responded with one word, FOCUS.

If you forget everything else you learn on this post, drill this one thing into your brain. “Energy flows where attention goes.” And don’t just drill it in your brain. Test it. If you do, you will come to realize that where you put your attention, tends to manifest in your life. But it requires a consistent, deliberate focus of attention.

Therefore, the first habit in order to transform your life is the deliberate control of your focus. Understand that the number one error in why most people fail to accomplish their goals is because of all the distractions we have vying for our attention. The average person in America is bombarded by 8,000 to 10,000 commercial messages DAILY. And that is not to mention the distractions of TV, the Internet, Social Media, work, friends and family, and everyday obligations.

Focus is a scarce ability few have mastered. However, if you TRULY desire to exercise control over your life and your results, focus is something that you must develop the habit of. Shutting down from all the distractions and getting into your own mind to reflect and contemplate where your life will go should be a daily routine.

When you begin this habit you will be able to systematically correct errors that have been holding you back. You will discover new, more powerful success habits. Best of all, this cost you nothing but some time. Time that you trade from distractions, and turn into productive success habits. INSTANT POWER!

Resolving internal conflicts

The second thing that holds people back from living the life of their dreams is misalignment. Misalignment creates internal conflicts. Essentially, it’s like playing tug-a-war with yourself. Part of you wants to live a abundant life. Yet internally, in one way or another, you fight against the idea of abundance. You want that new career, but you doubt your ability to make it happen. You want to find your soulmate, but you also want to play the field.

These conflicts stifle your ability to move forward, simply because you are pulling in two different directions. Most people feel the exhaustion of moving two steps forward and three steps back… REPEATEDLY. How do we eliminate this nasty habit? Again, the key is reflection.

Aligning five key elements

Our thoughts, our words, our imagination, our feeling and our actions must be aligned in order to eliminate internal conflicts. When we align these five elements together, we set in motion powers and laws that will open doors to the attainment of our goals. The people, things, and circumstances needed to manifest our desires will begin to unfold. This is the closest you will ever get to performing magic.

Again, I encourage you to test this. Align your thoughts, words, imagination, feelings and actions with your dreams, and your dreams will unfold in such a manner that you will be shocked at how quickly things come into your life.

Check out the video below and click the link below the video to get your free “Goal Focus Chart.”

Click here for your FREE Goal Focus Chart

Make 2020 your year for transformation.

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