Mike Martinez USANA Health Sciences LeaderSuccess in network marketing can be summed up in two words, leadership and duplication. Of the two, leadership stands head and shoulders above as the key element needed for a thriving business.

It may be possible to develop a system of duplication for any business. However without effective leadership it will not be set motion. Eventual failure will certainly follow.

Principles of leadership should be practiced and taught at every level of an organization. It must be interwoven within the fabric of your business if you are to expect long term success. People look upon, and are drawn to leaders because they feel that they can be led into a better position in life because of the examples given by the leader. Every human being has an innate desire to move forward, to grow, and succeed. That is what people look for within a leader.

The master key then to recruiting is to become the leader others are willing to follow. To accomplish this we must look at the traits people find attractive in leaders. The following four attributes will make you the leader others seek.

1) Vision: Again, people follow leaders for one basic reason. They believe that the leader can help them arrive at a better place in life. Think back to all the great leaders throughout history and you will clearly see that their power to lead was the effect of their ability to get people to see a better future. Gandi, Jesus, Moses, Kennedy and Martin Luther King all carried with them a grand vision. They inspired people with their vision. This ability to inspire drew people to them.

2) Passion: Because of the overwhelming negative atmosphere, people today lack passion. Therefore, passion becomes a very attractive trait. Inherently people want to follow passionate leaders. They seek them out and deeply want to immolate them. Passion is closely related to vision, for if you have a strong vision, passion will become a natural occurrence. Passion and vision go hand in hand.

3) Communication: Leaders have a certain flair to their communication that attracts people. Communication is the thread that links vision and passion together. Again look back at histories leaders, good and bad. You will find a powerful communicator who exuded passion through his vision. As an example of how powerful communication can be used to move people, take Hitler. As horrible as his outcome was, he somehow had the ability to move the masses with his communication style, his passion and his twisted vision. Powerful communication can certainly be a double-edge sword. As a network marketing leader, you must learn to be a passionate communicator with a grand vision and people will follow.

4) Look the part: Right or wrong, people read a book by it’s cover. The decision to accept your words as valid and true is many times made within the first few seconds of a conversation. Looking the part of a leader is a key ingredient in whether your words are accepted or thrown to the wind. Leadership is not an in-born trait. It is an art form. You are not born a leader. Yet, anyone can develop themselves into leaders. That simply means that anyone can apply leadership traits to suit their own personality and style. However the above four traits must be set in motion to solidify your stance as a true leader. By the consistent application of these attributes you will become the leader others are magnetized to.


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