Network-Marketing-SuccessThe one thing every network marketing success leader has in common is their ability and desire for constant improvement. Not only do they actively look to improve themselves, but they find ways in which to inspire improvement within their organization.

Leadership has been described as the ability to set a vision, and then inspire others to follow it. Network marketing success is the natural outgrowth of such an ability. Network marketing success hinges on your own ability to grow, and to help others grow as well. The following three steps will focus on a team growth process.

Network Marketing Success through personal growth

The amazing thing about humans is that each of us has this natural desire for growth. We all want to shine. We all want to show the world that we are talented enough, strong enough, intelligent enough, and daring enough to create great things in our lives.

As a leader, you ultimately want to harness that inborn desire within your team and use it for a constant and gradual growth process. There are no limits to how much you can help others grow. Every time you help another person expand, you consciously, or unconsciously, add value, not only to your life, but also to the life of others. Unfortunately, it seems because today’s society is always overwhelmed with negative news, many people get caught up in the negativism and forget that the real value is in what one can offer others. The truth is that bad things will always happen. But, it is also true that despite all the bad things that happen, good things are also happening. And, those good things are happening because someone decided to step up to the plate and be, do, and give more. The world desperately needs more people like that. We call those people leaders.

In network marketing, you don’t rise to the top by having a lot of followers. You rise to the top by developing leaders. All it takes to become that person, that leader, is to commit to constant growth, and then sharing that growth with others. What skills can you add, or refine within yourself? What subject can you master, and then teach others on? What ability, that you currently have, can you strengthen? These simple questions are a great way to analyze areas where we can grow. Gradual and consistent growth is a major key to network marketing success and leadership.

Network Marketing Success through inspiration

The ability to inspire others is another major requisite to leadership. In some organizations, usually outside of network marketing, leadership rules by demand. “Do what I tell you, or you won’t have a job,” is often heard in the corporate world. But does that form of “fear leadership” work?

It may work in the corporate world, for a particular task at hand, but it doesn’t work for long-term improvement. Many times, that form of leadership completely backfires simply because people find ways to not to do what they are suppose to, even though they know they should. When people are forced into producing a result that is backed by a threat, they soon resent the leader, and do not offer any additional work, other than the work that will just keep their job.

Leadership by inspiration is the complete opposite. When you inspire people, unconsciously they go out to prove that they are deserving of the inspiration. They put their best foot forward. They find solutions, instead of problems. They seek out more inspiration by continuing to do a good job.

Imagine having an organization where people are fired up with inspiration. Imagine how many great ideas will be generated within an organization like that. That is how an organization can grow strong, prosper, and ultimately dominate their industry. And that only happens when people are led with inspiration.

Network Marketing Success through gradual improvements

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It was built stone by stone. Many times people looking to build network marketing success frustrate team members by setting objectives that are too large. Each member is an individual, therefore, each member learns at a different rate, and is comfortable with different actions. Some people are fine doing home meetings, others hate it. Some are excellent at online marketing, while others prefer to market face to face.

Does that mean that members can’t get out of their comfort zone and learn new methods for marketing? No. What it means is that everyone learns at a different pace, and excels in different things. As a leader who is inspiring others to grow, it’s important to keep in mind that people need to move forward in gradual steps, at a pace that is comfortable for them.

This is where re-enforcement and inspiration come into play. When a team member steps out of their comfort zone, regardless of whether the result is good or bad, recognize, inspire, and correct as needed. Recognize the fact that they moved out of their comfort zone. That should be commended. Very few people are willing to actually move out of their comfort zone.

Inspire them to continue moving forward. When a team member is putting their toe into new waters, there is still a very strong possibility that they will not commit entirely. Motivate them to continue. Improvement is a gradual process, and the key is to get them to start seeing themselves in a new light. That is why recognition and inspiration works hand in hand in building people’s internal perception of themselves.

Once you help a person see themselves as more than they currently see themselves, you have moved them into a whole new direction in life. It is truly a powerful process that will provide you, and others, with incredible joy and rewards.

To summarize, network marketing success can be achieved by anyone that is willing to go through a continual growth process, and help others gradually do the same. Leaders are never satisfied, they continually strive to be better.  And in network marketing, if you can inspire others to do the same, your financial rewards, as well as, your personal satisfaction, will become a life that most people only dream of.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

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      Great content. I agree with all the steps you shared on how to grow your business. When you have a network business, it is indeed important to follow steps and guides so that your business will be successful. Thanks

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