Network marketing successWhen it comes to Network Marketing Success, what makes the difference between success or failure, between whether you will continue or quit, is how many people you continuously show the business to. Like any sales oriented business, achieving network marketing success is a numbers game. The more people you can expose to your business, the greater your chances for success.

In the network marketing industry, new leads are the life blood of your business. Many people start their business by doing the “age old” friends and family list. This is a tried and true starting point, but to develop a long term business in network marketing, you need to continue adding to your list CONSISTENTLY.

Here are five simple strategies that will dramatically increase your lead gathering activities, and will drive your network marketing success;

  • Exchange business cards; The key word here is EXCHANGE. Many times people think that by simply giving business cards out, you will produce a result. Truth be told, passing out business cards is an effective way to “get the word out.” But a much better strategy is to EXCHANGE business cards. By exchanging business cards, you now have the prospects contact information. If your prospect doesn’t have business cards, at least get a phone, email, or both. The idea is to be proactive with your leads. Don’t wait for leads to call you back. Take the initiative and contact them.
  • Maintain good records; Unfortunately, the sad reality is that most sales people don’t follow up properly. Studies have shown that greater than 80% of salespeople do not follow up more than 2 times with any specific prospect. Yet statistics tell us that 80% of sales are made after the 7th exposure to an offer. Many times, no doesn’t mean no. It means “I’m not ready yet.” It could mean that the prospect is at a point in their life where the opportunity is not right. Or they feel contempt with the job. Or any number of reasons. What we must come to realize is that situations change on a daily basis. Keep good records and follow up with your prospects continuously.
  • Open your mind to notice more leads; By simply preparing your mind everyday with the possibility of coming in contact with new leads, you will begin noticing more opportunities. Leads are everywhere. However, if your mind is not purposely looking for them, you will miss the opportunities. Ever noticed how your mind starts noticing the car you just bought? All of the sudden, you see them everywhere. Did they sudden appear? No. Science calls this the “reticular activating system.” That’s a function in your mind that tells it when something is important and should be noticed. You can program this into your mind yourself by asking your mind to notice prospect opportunities throughout the day. Best time to do that is in the morning.
  • Ask for referrals; We’ve all heard the 6 steps of separation. That means that you can contact just about anyone on the planet by simply connecting one person’s friends list to another. The common example is the President of the United States. You know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows the President of the United States. Think about how powerful that is. We leave money on the table by not asking for referrals, from both people who join us, and those that don’t.
  • Social Media; Facebook has become the most visited site on the planet. However, most network marketers use it to drive people away instead attracting prospects. The bottom line with social media is that people still don’t want to be sold. The days when you could get results by simply posting, “Here is the hot new launch of the year!” are long gone. Besides, social media is exactly what is implies, “SOCIALIZING.” Just because you go fishing at the Atlantic Ocean doesn’t mean you will catch any fish. You need to use the right bait. Ironically, by simply befriending people, you achieve better results than by posting links that are being ignored.

Network marketing success is truly dependent on your lead gathering strategy. What we covered here is just the tip of the iceberg. Yet, this information is key to starting a lead generation machine. Follow these 5 steps religiously, plus add new ones along the way. The idea is to commit to becoming a lead magnet. The more you expose your business to others, the easier it will become to be a network marketing success.    

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

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    • Jeffrey Kistner

      Hey Mike, GREAT POST! I love the value here. These five simple strategies will certainly increase lead flow. It’s important because most people vastly underestimate the number of leads it takes to build a successful network marketing organization.

      • admin

        Jeffrey you hit it on the head, most people way under-estimate what it takes to build a successful network marketing business. Leads are the life blood of any networking business. Thanks for sharing Jeffrey.

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