Network marketing Success with Mike MartinezNetwork Marketing Success creates a certain freedom that you cannot find in the “normal” business world environment. That freedom is patterned after having absolute time and financial liberty to do what you want, where you want, for as long as you want. With that being said, many programs today will tell you that their marketing system is designed to provide you the freedom of being able to build your business online without ever having to pick up the phone and talk to prospects. But is that true?

In order to answer that question correctly, let’s be clear as to the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing. It is possible to build a successful affiliate marketing business without talking to people on the phone or face to face. Because of the nature of affiliate marketing, most affiliate offers present a one-time buying proposition. Keep in mind, you may also create a list of buyers, and continue to offer other products to your list, but for the most part, affiliate marketing isn’t designed for true residual income.

What I wish to bring out is the distinction between affiliate marketing and network marketing. Both have the ability to create wealth, however, for creating long-term residual income, network marketing stands head and shoulders above affiliate marketing.

The Network Marketing Success difference

Network Marketing is an entirely different animal. Network marketing success revolves around relationships. Network marketing success is impossible with a one-time purchase. What makes network marketing success attractive is the residual aspect of the compensation. Developing a residual income without any type of relationship is nearly impossible.

So what’s the big deal? The big deal is that companies or programs that are using their marketing systems to claim that they are so superior that you don’t ever need to speak to others are in fact selling an unattainable dream; Pure hype. YOU CANNOT BUILD NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS WITHOUT RELATIONSHIPS! You cannot build relationships without talking to others. You cannot build a loyal, active team without relationships.

The Network Marketing Success deception

Why do so many people fall for these deceptive tactics? Because we see the numbers (or so we think) and our mouth’s water. Our mind’s reason, “It’s got to be good if so many people are joining… RIGHT?” Wrong! What you don’t hear about is all the people that finally come to grips with the truth, and feel cheated, and ultimately end up quitting. You never hear about those numbers, but the truth is that in any business, and especially network marketing, what goes up quickly usually goes down just as quickly.

What these companies are attempting to do is use the natural human desire for instant gratification to get you into their system. But here is the catch, these companies know that you can’t effectively build without relationships, so once you are in, then they start telling you to pick up the phone and talk to your prospects. It’s an outright deception that many people fall for, and then become disgusted with the pranksters that play those games. Unfortunately, a great percentage of these people end their online marketing and network marketing careers feeling betrayed.

The truth about Network Marketing Success

Here is the truth very few people want to hear. Network marketing success takes time and personal development. Network marketing success requires that you learn new skills. Unlike any conventional business, network marketing success is based on helping others grow, as you grow in leadership, communication, marketing skills.

Does it take time? Yes. How much time? Depends on how much desire any particular person has for developing success. Too many variables to give any concrete answer, but what is certain is that if anyone truly wants to create their freedom via network marketing, they can certainly achieve it. How can I be so certain about that? Easy answer… in today’s economy there are plenty of people to help.

One of the key factors to network marketing success is helping others. In fact, the more people you help the faster you will achieve success. That’s why I laugh at these companies that tell you their system is so great you don’t even need to speak to anyone. How can you help the most people without ever talking to anyone? It’s impossible!

My wife may be right, I’m a bit crazy. But to be honest with you, I love picking up the phone and talking to people. If you have left your information on my capture pages you know, I have no problem picking up the phone and talking. I want to. How else would I truly find out if or how I could help you? Maybe we are not even a match, but I wouldn’t know that if we never communicate.

What should you do if you want Network Marketing Success?

My advice to you is simple; forget the BS of not having to talk to anyone. If you are serious about creating network marketing success, get comfortable talking to others on the phone. And take that entire idea out of your mind and your marketing.

Next, step back and seriously consider your company’s marketing practices if you see these tactics being employed. Do you want to attract people that are afraid of picking up the phone? Let me let you in on a clue, true networking professionals are on the phone a lot.

Embrace people. Step up to leadership. Become a problem solver and people will swarm to you because of your honesty and leadership. I believe, as an industry we are in the best time in history to create amazing wealth and freedom for ourselves and others. Go ahead, talk to people and help them grow. It’s the only way to network marketing success.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Network Marketing success with Mike Martinez

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