Network Marketing Success; Timing couldn't be better!I had an interesting phone conversation the other day and I want to share it with you. It was sort of weird because the man called me wanting to talk about network marketing and working from home, but at the same time, it seemed as if he also wanted to prove to me that during our current global economic conditions it was impossible to build a network marketing home business. Fortunate, he has it all wrong.

It’s true, gas and food prices are at an all-time high world-wide. We hear of massive layoffs affecting the entire spectrum of business, from small local businesses to huge conglomerates. The media promotes fear from every possible angle. You see and hear of banks failing. You see and hear of countries that are so deep into debt we couldn’t even imagine the numbers involved. All this is true. And yet, none of those things matter. Why? Answer; Network Marketing thrives in times like these.

In fact, it’s not only network marketing. Did you know that Microsoft was created in the economic recession of the 80’s? Back in the 80’s we had what was called the “Savings and Loans Crisis,” very similar to what recently happened to the US banking system. We were bombarded with negative news about the financial crisis every day. Many people bought into it. Bill Gates didn’t. Mr. Gates set his mind on building his empire, regardless of the “bad news,” and he did.

And it wasn’t only Microsoft that succeeded big time during that crisis. Network marketers did too. Network marketing created thousands of millionaires in the 80’s. How is that possible? How can we be in the middle of a financial crisis and still create such huge success? Human nature.

People spend money on what they really want. Regardless of the economic conditions, people buy, spend money, and find ways continue having their deepest needs and wants. It’s human nature. And everybody does it. You have a hobby, or a simple want, you find the way to get it. Tens of millions of cell phones were sold for over $500 in the US alone in 2010. Nearly 20 million tablet computers were sold in the US in 2010. And that is not including the 15 million Ipads sold, or the 100 million IPhones Apple Corporation sold in 2010.

As we face these tough financial times, many around the world are looking for ways to simply survive. There goes the human nature again. This desire that is shared throughout the world, by hundreds of millions of people, makes today the best time to start and build your own network marketing business from home. At no other time in history does it make more sense to avoid the crowd rushing for the so-called safety of the corporate environment.

If people have learned anything from the massive lay-offs that have taken place over the last three years, it’s that there is little to no safety in working for others. Most people have come to grips with the fact that you absolutely need to have a “Plan B” in place.

Times have changed. While some still believe that working for others is the key to stable finances, the facts do not support those beliefs. The meltdown seen in the mortgage and financial industries, the escalating prices for food and fuel, the instability caused by war, our weakening dollar, all these factors create a tightening of the belts for everyone. That includes the businesses we work at.

The time has come for each and every one of us to take control of our finances, to move the responsibility over to our side of the table. Anything less can seriously jeopardize our future.

For too many years the masses have depended on others for income. The problem is that most businesses, governments and organizations of all types have hidden agendas. These hidden agendas are not always bad, but they are always designed to greatly favor the ones creating the agenda. In other words, the little guy, the workers, the followers, the students unknowingly following these hidden agendas never reap any major benefits.

Those that succeed on a major scale here in America, or across the globe, are the ones that break away from the crowd. They are the ones that do what others are not willing to do. They see the masses running in one direction and they take that as a sure sign to run in the opposite direction. And not surprisingly, they win more often than lose.

This post was written to help you wake up to the fact that you don’t have to be a victim of these turbulent times. If you have the intelligence to read this post, then you have the intelligence to create your own freedom from the status quo. And if you believe you don’t, find a few good mentors who can guide you onto the right path. Just remember that these mentors are not those that are running with the crowd. You will find them doing their own thing, breaking new ground, creating new paths.

Many of these good mentors can be found working successful businesses from home. Learn from them. Immolate their actions and philosophies. Create a bond with them so that you can begin thinking and acting like them. There is something to be said for modeling. Who are you modeling?

Although the world is in crisis, there has never been more opportunities available in any other time in history. We live in such a close nit world that we can now do things that weren’t even imaginable fifty years ago. This creates grand opportunities just waiting to be tapped. All it takes is the right system, your ability to think big, the right mentors, and your personal commitment to follow-thru.

So find a way to push your fears away. Transform your doubts into your certainty of success. Now is the time to claim your stake for your own freedom. Take time each day to imagine big dreams. But don’t just keep them locked in your head. Find the way to make them happen. Search out those that are creating the new paths that lead to personal wealth. Discover your true self and set yourself free from the constraints of the status-quo.

You can build your own financial empire working from home. There’s never been a better time to start.

    2 replies to "Network Marketing Success… The timing couldn’t be better!"

    • Coluccio

      Very nice work. You have an inspiring way with your words. Keep it up. Remember, when you are inspired, you pass it to other people.

    • Tom Bice

      It may very well be that we are in a recession, however, there are certain businesses that thrive no matter what the economy. Network, or multi-level marketing will always thrive no matter what the economy appears to be.

      It is true that many become millionaires during a downturn in the economy. With the proper marketing of your business you can build it to a higher level, and prosper, despite what the economy may appear to be.

      I am one who doesn’t participate in the recession. My business is great and I am earning more money that I ever have. Network Marketing is a business and you have to work it like a business. If you want to succeed in any business, you must WORK. I strongly suggest to get with your sponsor and develop a plan of action and then take action. You can succeed!!

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