Network marketing success with Mike MartinezNetwork Marketing Success is not as hard as most would make it seem. That is if you learn how to align yourself with certain indisputable laws. The law of averages is one of those laws that can help anyone create network marketing success when you simple recognize and work alongside these principles.

 The law of averages states that within a certain numbers, natural trends appear. For instance, a New York City panhandler sits at a crowded street with an empty cup. It is only a matter of time until someone, an absolute stranger walking on the same street, will reach into his pocket and drop change, or even a few dollars into the panhandler’s cup. Most people will walk right by the panhandler, but a few people will feel sorry enough to reach into their pockets and give something. That’s the law of averages at work.

Network marketing success can also be influenced by the law of averages. In fact, network marketing success can be deliberately created through the law of averages. MLM success is simply a numbers game. Approach enough people, someone will participate. Approach enough people, and sooner or later you will start to get better with your approach. Approach enough people and you will eventually come into contact with a heavy-hitter, or at the very least the person who will bring the heavy-hitter.

Network Marketing Success with the law of averages

But if this is true, why do so many people fail to achieve network marketing success? The simple fact is that most people don’t have what it takes to see the numbers through. Most people quit too early in the game to see the law of averages start to manifest the results. And that is not just in network marketing. Most people quit real estate, after taking classes and getting licensed, simply because they don’t see results quickly enough. However, had they stayed, the law of averages would have worked in their favor also.

If you are truly looking for network marketing success stay in the game long enough to win. Find a company and product that excites you. Use that excitement to reach out to others, not in a slick-salesman manner, but in a friendly approach where you are simply placing the information in front of the prospect. That can be effectively done with DVD’s, webinars, conference calls, Web videos, or any other means.

Network Marketing Success with proper follow up

The strategy is to get the prospect in front of the information without actually having to do the presentation. Using third party tools will help to speed up the process of “Going through the Numbers.”   After the prospect has been introduced to the company via third party tools, then you can start the follow up process. Where is the prospect? Do they need more information? Is the timing not right? What is the objection? Are they talking about joining at a future date? Have you asked for referrals?

Answering these questions will help you classify the prospect and determine when and what is the best next course of action. This information should be stored on a contact management system and alarms should be set to alert you to the next contact. FYI, contact management software have alarms you can set to help you keep specific follow up routines.

If you are consistently adding people into your prospect list, and following up properly, you will begin to employ the law of averages into your business building practice. This will greatly facilitate your goals of achieving network marketing success.   


Network Marketing success with Mike Martinez

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