Network Marketing Success without friends and familyMany people looking into network marketing have their doubts. Not with the power of the network marketing concept, but with their own ability to make the business work for them.

On the one hand, they fully realize the advantages of having network marketing success as a timely and unique marketing system. They see the beauty in a program that offers it’s members the ability to create massive wealth through such a unique business model. After all, with today’s weak economy, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to build an additional income that they can control and grow at their own pace, and to whatever size they desire?

Yet on the other hand, they have what they view as a major hurdle. That is what is commonly known as the NFL club. The NFL club is an acronym for No Friends Left. Simply put, it means that because they have approached their friends and family with other opportunities, and so it feels awkward approaching their contacts again with another program. Internally they see the great opportunity, but they doubt their own ability to succeed in network marketing.

Uncommon to popular belief, I won’t argue that point. In fact, I often say on this site that your friends and family may not be the best place to start your network marketing success. At least not initially, or using the standard approach (calling the dreaded 200 contacts).

When I get new members asking about their NFL club and how to overcome that obstacle, and believe it or not, it comes up often, I make them aware of the nearly unlimited market we have here in the US alone. Personally, I market an opportunity that is available in 16 markets world-wide. But here in the US alone, with over 300 million people, less than 20 million people are involved in the direct selling industry. There is massive growth ahead of those that jump into network marketing RIGHT NOW, provided they market their business properly.


Network Marketing Success online

The facts remain that your friends and family can easily be convinced of the power of a network marketing business. It’s called, “Proving it first.” How can you do that

? The answer is actually very simple. Learn how to effectively tap the huge Internet marketplace. Proving it first will have your friends and family approaching you, asking questions about your particular home business.

Realize that successful online marketers sell products and services “strictly” to the cold market (people they don’t know). Many of them have become multi-millionaires doing just that. The question you should be asking is, “How can I become a successful online marketer?”
And again, the answer is a lot simpler than most people are aware of. However, online marketing is a broad topic, broader than the scope of this discussion. I encourage you to continue visiting this site and read some of my articles on effective online marketing. But for now, let me spark two quick ideas in your mind.

Network Marketing Success via Facebook

If you are on Facebook, you will certainly relate to this quick example. Just for a second, think back to when you first opened your Facebook account. If you are like most people, you added your friends to your account. Slowly, but surely, new friends request came dribbling in. Before you know it, you have hundreds, and in some cases, even thousands of new friends. Most people find that their “original” friends only make up a tiny portion of their entire friends list. I recently read that the average Facebook account has over 400 friends associated to it.

This is just one simple example. With your own Facebook account you have access to hundreds (or even thousands) of new people to put your business in front of. Of course, there is a right way to market on Facebook, but I’m sure you get the picture. And by the way, here is a great Facebook marketing webinar that is free, click here.

Network Marketing Success via YouTube video marketing
I’m a huge fan of YouTube when it comes to marketing my business. More and more people are discovering the power of using video marketing. Youtube is an amazingly effective tool for marketing your network marketing business online, yet it’s not the only video site you can use. I specialize in teaching my team how to effectively use YouTube ( ) to get high search engine rankings, drive traffic to their sites, and create effective videos and websites that get results.

The simple truth is that if you put into play a few online marketing strategies, you can begin getting ton’s of hot leads daily. Some of these leads will turn into business partners for your business. Then by duplicating what you know about online marketing with your team, you can create for yourself a marketing machine that will crush any friends and family strategy.

Before I end this article, let me just say something about friends and family marketing. I am not in against introducing friends and family to your network marketing opportunity. The very nature of network marketing success is marketing to your network. But many times people stall with the illusion that they have already hit their entire contact list with other opportunities and are afraid to move forward with their current program. What I am against is chasing your friends and family around as if they were the only people available to join your business.

Put your fears aside and see the potential before you. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last ten years, your contact list is constantly growing. The Internet itself is bringing you more friends every day. Don’t waste the opportunity. Embrace it.
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