Network Marketing SuccessAlthough I believe there has never been a better time in history to build a network marketing business, like many times in life, the flip side is that there has never been a harder time to build a network marketing business. Am I contradicting myself? Yes and no. Allow me to explain.

The best time in history to build a network marketing business

Believe it or not, a recession has always been favorable to networking marketing. Many people use the recession as reason for not achieving results, but the fact of the matter is, during recessions, millions of people open their minds to new possibilities.

When people are too comfortable in their secular jobs, they feel secure and don’t see the need for an additional stream of income. However, when unemployment is high, when people feel insecure, when people FINALLY get fed up with giving up their control, they seek to get that control back. Many reason that if they had the right opportunity, they would be willing to work hard to buy back their freedom. That is the perfect candidate for network marketing.

So understand that as you are reading this, millions of people are looking for the right opportunity to put their time and effort into building. They deeply desire having their freedom back. If you are in a good network marketing company, they are looking for you.

The worst time in history to build a network marketing business

How can it be that this is the best, and yet, the worse time to build a network marketing business? Down economies are great for network marketing, however, four key factors will undoubtedly destroy any chance of you taking advantage of this perfect timing. If you can avoid these four, you can succeed big time. But if you fall into any or all of these, you will certainly fail miserably.

Network marketing #1 success block: Distractions

Inactivity is a network marketer’s worst enemy. Your mind works best when it has a clear cut objective.  Unfortunately, technology is a double edge sword. The Internet has helped to tie to world closer, but it has also added an untold number of options. This creates confusion. Confusion creates paralysis. Presented with too many options, most people take none. Without having a clear cut objective, and specific plan of action, most people squander time and resources. This is a fatal mistake for network marketers.

Focus is key. In 1909, Charles Haneel, author of the classic self-help course, The Master Key System, wrote, “Scattered thoughts produce scattered results. Focused thoughts produce focused results.” Network marketers that truly desire success MUST learn how to focus their actions, and eliminate distractions.

Here is the scenario; I tell you to go on Google and search “home business opportunities.” Before the search even settles, I say, “No, search MLM opportunities.” Two seconds later, I tell you, “No, do a search on affiliate marketing.” Before you can even see what is available, I jump in. yet again saying, “Forget that. Search best online marketing systems.” Two seconds later… By now you are thinking I’m out of my mind. In your head you are saying, “This Mike guy is flipping out. He can’t settle on one topic before he is asking me to search for something else.”

I know it sounds absolutely ridicules, but guess what; tens of millions of people are doing this every day. It works a bit different, but the bottom-line results are the same. This may have happened to you; Today you get an email with the “Shiny new business opportunity” that promises the world. You buy into the promises and join. You say to yourself, “This is the one!” That is, of course, until tomorrow, when you get the next email offering the NEXT BEST THING.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous marketers are producing programs that “look, feel and sound” promising. Most are offering “free” memberships, with the follow up promise of untold wealth building capabilities. They urge you to start “building now,” gathering member for the free membership. But when it’s all said and done, the program fizzles out, of course, after you did all the work and “gathered” all the free members you could muster.

How does this hurt you? First of all, you are spending time, attention and effort in a program that has no intent of success, other than having YOU build their list. Secondly, and most importantly, your attention is diverted from REAL programs. You fall for the idea of fast money, walking away from programs that can create you long term wealth.

Another huge damage is that every time you get suckered into to these programs, internally you reason that everything is a scam. A little piece of you dies, thinking that making money online is just not possible for you.

Finally, you ruin your credibility with your friends and family when you introduce them to fly-by-night programs. This is why so many people feel that they have no-friends-left to build their networks. In some cases, this may be a reality. Think about it, if your friend John introduced you to 3 or 4 programs that ended up being scams, would you be open to looking at #4 or 5? Chances are great that you wouldn’t.

The way to avoid these problems is actually very simple. Decide on staying focused on working one REAL opportunity. Many people buy into the “Pre-Launch” business opportunity, mistakenly thinking that the best opportunities are found at the beginning of a business. The facts tell us something very different. The biggest RISK, for any business is within the first 5 years. If a business can fight through the 5 year rough patch every business goes thru, then you are in a great position to succeed. Rarely is it the other way around.

The way to ensure your success is to pick a business and opportunity that excites you, one that has proven it’s staying power by operating for 5 or more years, and then simply put your blinders on and work your tail off. What? Work my tail off? Yes, and if you honestly believe you don’t have to work your tail off to become financially successful, I hate the news to you, but there is no other way.

Does that mean you can’t have a great time along the way? No. That is why it is so important that you find something that excites you. The more your product or service excites you, the easier it will be to make your business into a game. When you are playing, isn’t it fun to play hard to win? That is what this is all about. Yes, you must work your tail off. But if you love what you do, you can easily turn it into a game, and have fun winning along the way.

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