Network Marketing success with Mike MartinezNetwork marketing success can be summed up in a few simple strategies. One of those is utilizing the law of averages in your favor to dramatically increase the probably of success. But what do I mean by “utilizing the law of average?”

Keys to Network Marketing Success

No doubt you’ve heard it before; Network Marketing Success is a numbers game. Get enough people in front of a GOOD presentation of your business and/or company, and the numbers will work themselves out. We all hear every company ask that we create a list of at least 200 people. Then find a way to present your opportunity to each of them without prejudice. Show it to everyone.

That strategy has it’s merits, yet I personally like to go through the numbers as quickly as possible, all while not chasing people… ESPECIALLY not friends and family. That is why I like to design and use business cards that will help me with the sorting process. Network marketing success becomes effortless when people are approaching you as opposed to you chasing them.

Network Marketing Success and your list

Getting back to the list of 200 or more people, as I said, I like to go through the numbers as quickly as possible. Therefore I designed a business card that is specifically pointed toward a website that will sort the tire kickers, or the people that are serious about working from home. The card has a single message, visit

Once they arrive at the site they see a video message that takes them to the next step of the sorting process. Again, network marketing success is a numbers game. I want to play the game to win, so I share my message with as many people as possible. And by doing so with my business card, I’m not selling, I’m sorting. It becomes my personal and unique marketing system that is rejection free.

If you get my business card, and you are ready to move forward to learn how to make money from home, then you would follow through with the process and I follow up with you. If you don’t follow through with the process, I don’t bother with you. Obviously you are not interested or ready to work from home, there is no need for me to chase you, the timing is not right for you.

Network marketing success is all about finding the ready people, who are at the right time in their life. My business card system helps me sort quickly.  And it is easy to duplicate, another key to network marketing success. When I recruit someone, I can easily show then my system because they have already gone through it. Therefore they already see the logic and effectiveness. They are happy to use the same system because they know it works.

Think about what we said led to Network Marketing Success, “Using the law of averages.” Imagine what would happen if you had 10 people using a system like that? Picture it, 10 people quickly sorting and not selling. Imagine 50 people doing that… or eventually a few thousand…  that would make Network Marketing Success a scientific certainty.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Network marketing success with Mike Martinez

    2 replies to "Network Marketing Success with effective business cards"

    • Chuck Bartok

      Love the fact you emphasize the business with SPLASH (Squeeze page only)
      Unless you are giving a card to someone who wants to BUY specific product today, all other Websites are superfluous.
      years ago BC (before computers) my cards had Name and Call me XXX-XXXX for more ……

      • admin

        I can see you’ve been around the block Chuck… lol
        The game has changed a bit over the last 10 years. The principles are the same but the means to get there are a bit different.

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