Network Marketing SuccessNetwork marketers meet Diana Nyad, a truly spectacular lady. Although Mrs. Nyad is not a network marketer, at least not that I know of, I believe her story can help you on your journey to network marketing success.

On September 2, 2013, Diana saw one of her dreams become reality. On August 31, 2013, Diana left the shores of Havana Cuba, to begin, what turned out to be 52 hours and 54 minutes of pure torture, as she swam for Havana Cuba to Key West Florida.

One of the things that made this such a remarkable feat was that Mrs. Nyad first attempted this same swin 35 years ago. In fact, this last attempt was attempt #5. Diana is now 64 years old. In a televised interview, she states, “Within the first hour of my journey, I was repeated stung by Jelly fishes. I was swallowing sea water, which started me throwing up throughout the entire journey. It was hell.”

The entire journey took over 52 hrs, nearly 110 miles, many of which were shark infested, but when it was finally all over on September 2, 2013, Diana Nyad was greeted by a fan fare of people that were in absolute shock, but inspired that she actually made it. And we should all be inspired when we see such an accomplishment.

This is a truly incredible example of what the human spirit can do, when you focus your mind and commit to completing a task. We should each look at this as a sign of our unlimited potential. I know I was inspired as I saw her interview on TV. Here is what I consider the highlight of her interview. She was asked by a local news journalist, on national TV, “When you got to the halfway point, after enduring everything you just mentioned, what was going thru your mind?” Without blinking an eye, she answered, “I knew I wasn’t going to quit. That never entered my mind. I just kept repeating in my mind, ‘I must find a way.’”

Network Marketing Success – How does it relate?

I don’t know about you, but that story inspired me. Why the Diana Nyad story? What does that have to do with network marketing success? The physical accomplishment, nothing. However, the mental accomplishment has everything to with your business success. Think about this for a second, how many of Diana’s friends and family you think told her she was crazy? Sounds familiar?

Imagine their argument; “No one in history has ever done this before. On top of that, you are going to be swimming in shark infested waters. For 110 miles. Are you out of your mind? Plus, it’s been over 35 years since you started this crazy idea of yours. Can’t you see, it’s just not meant to be. Maybe it’s time to quit?”

You think she heard any of that? I’m sure she did. I’m sure she heard much more than that. What she didn’t hear, was when all her friends and family sat around the TV seeing the “breaking news” saying, “Holy $#!+ she did it.”

What makes her different is that she stayed focused, no matter what she heard or who said it. She constantly refined her approach, finding ways to get a little bit better with each new attempt, and the biggest one of all, she refused to give up. Chasing a dream for over 35 years takes tremendous focus, especially when all the chips seem to be stacked against you.

Network Marketing Success – The question is the answer

Here is my question for you; When it comes to your network marketing success; What is your 100 mile swim? What is something everyone is telling you it’s impossible? What shark infested waters are you afraid to travel? What’s interesting to note is that every network marketing success story is full of these elements; Tons of naysayers, risks, temporary defeat, and everything else that comes with what seems to be an impossible accomplishment. Yet, those that stay focused, adjust their actions, pick up new skills, and persist, find a way to make it happen.

So when you hear “it can’t be done,” don’t buy into it. When fears creep into your mind because there are “too many sharks in the water” (whatever that may be for you), immediately dispel the thought and remember Diana Nyad. More importantly, remember that by maintaining your focus, adjusting your actions, and persisting, things that seem impossible will become your reality.

 The facts are that humans are capable of great things. Things that many people would feel to be impossible. With the right motivation, focus and massive actions, miracles happen. After hearing Diana’s story, your motivation should be picturing your friends saying, “Holy $#!+ (your name here) did it.”

If you can focus, adjust and persist, the world is yours. I’ll be waiting to cheer you on at the network marketing success finish line.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

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    • Carla ZenQueen Kohlhase

      Thanks for this great article, Diana Nyad was a great inspiration when I was growing. I enjoyed your comparison in how her dedication to her goal relates to network marketing.

      • admin

        Thanks for the comment ZenQueen. She is my new hero also. Just got to love when someone buckles down, focuses on a dream, and makes it happen.

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