Online Marketing laughing all the way to the bankWho says online marketing has to be boring and expensive? Here is a simple way to have a lot of fun and at the same time get tons of hits to your site within weeks. In fact, by following these simple steps you will set in motion an online marketing machine that will bring you residual effects for months to come. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

Normally, I personally like to target my audience when I’m marketing online. This technique doesn’t target a specific market. What it does instead is provide massive numbers. And by that I mean that your link is being put in front of tons of people. Done properly, you can at the very least get your website seen by tens of thousands,

Let’s begin with a couple of questions. Have you ever received a joke email from a friend? Most of us have. Now think back for a second… what did you do after you opened that email?

Here is what most people do. They sit in front of their computers and they read the joke. Hopefully, if the joke is clever enough they laugh. Then they pass it along to their friends.

Did you get that? “They pass it along to their friends.” This is probably the most overlooked, yet dynamic formula for getting some serious online exposure via email.

Let’s look at an example, and then we will get into more details:

_______________ Example email _______________

I just came across this and though you might enjoy it.

If this brings a smile to your face, take the time to pass it along and brighten someone else’s day.


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The loose tooth

As a man walks down a New York City street, he sees what seems like a movies production set up.  Soon, a man approaches him and says, “Listen buddy, are you interested in making $10,000 today?”

“Sure,” says the first man, “what do I have to do?”

The second man responds, “We are here filming a new reality TV show called Stunts.” “You see those three tents across the street? Here is what you need to do. In the first tent you will find a fifth of Vodka. You need to drink the whole bottle in 60 seconds or less. Then come out and show me the bottle.”

The first man starts to get excited, “I can do that, no problem!”

The second man continues, “Next you need to run into the second tent. There you are going to find a lion with a loose tooth. You need to pull the tooth out and show it to me. There is no time limit for this one. Take as much time as you need.”

“And finally, you are going to like this last one, in the third and last tent there is a women who has never been sexually satisfied. Again, you can take as long as it takes, but you must satisfy her. Once you are finished come out and the ten thousand dollars are yours. Do you think you could do that?”

“Absolutely” responds the first man.

He races over to the first tent and guzzles down the fifth of vodka. Stumbling out of the tent in 58 second, he looks over to the second man across the street and gets the thumbs up.

He shoots into the second tent. For three and a half hours the tent is tumbling and rolling all over the place. You hear screams and roars. Finally the man crawls out of the tent. He stands up and yells out to the second man waiting across the street, “Where’s the women with the loose tooth?”

If this brings a smile to your face, take the time to pass it along and brighten someone else’s day.


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____________ End of example email ___________

By sending emails like this to your friends consistently, you set in motion a self-propelling online marketing machine. Within weeks you could have your links circling the globe. The more you use this technique the greater the results. There is no telling where these emails can go, or how many people the link can actually reach.

Here are a few keys to ensure its effectiveness;

Consistently try to add names to your email address book. The more names you have the greater the exposure.

Be consistent. Get started in a routine to put this technique in place. Nothing will affect this more than consistency. Five to ten minutes a day can make you a fortune. DO NOT DISREGARD THIS TECHNIQUE BECAUSE OF IT’S SIMPLICITY! Add this to your marketing routine. The results will shock you.

Use headlines at create curiosity. Test headlines for one to two weeks then replace them with a new headline. Gauge your results.

Draw attention to your headline. Use bold lettering. Change font style, size and color. Make your ad stand out within the page.

Always ask twice for the joke to be passed along, once, at the top of the email page, and then again at the bottom. Remember that multiple requests to pass it along have shown to produce the best results.

There you have it. Your very own email marketing machine that is simple, fun, profitable and free. Unleash this today and start laughing all the way to the bank.

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