Overcoming the fear of online videoIf you are like most people, the fear of online video marketing can be one of the biggest obstacles to getting started. Most will agree that video seems to be an excellent tool to help get new leads and then to connect with those new leads, eventually transforming them into happy customers. But most marketers would also agree that doing marketing videos is completely different than any other marketing strategy. Why? Because video marketing requires that you open up and be yourself. For many people, this is not an easy task.

If you are afraid to explore marketing videos, you aren’t alone. Most of people buy into the erroneous idea that video marketing requires some type of performance. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m here to tell you and convince you that those are nothing but mere fallacies and that you, just like anyone who has created a video in the past, you can do this too. There’s a lot of negative talk around the video creation process, but think about this; if your competition can keep you away from creating videos, it strengthens their position.

Contrary to what you might have been told, you do not need expensive camera equipment, and you do not need expensive editing software to create a video that works. Your video also does not have to consume all of your time, nor does it have to be difficult to make. Those are all myths and fallacies that are floating around the internet.

The reality is that video marketing requires a good message, some type of information that your target market is interested in. In most cases, that is simply providing information that helps your market solve some problem.

The next critical component is your personality. Being yourself is the most attractive, magnetizing skill you can develop in video marketing. That is what will create a connection with your audience. You don’t need to perform like anyone but yourself. That is what will hold your audience’s attention, and keep them coming back.

So what does all this REALLY mean? It means that you need to develop some skills. How do you develop your skills? Practice, practice, practice. Nothing will give you the practical experience like getting in front of the camera and just doing it. Put your fear aside, and enjoy the process.

So start right now – get out your webcam, make sure you have a decent mic, and start to create an online marketing video. You can make it short – that’s okay because your viewer’s attention spans are short.

Let your personality shine, be genuine, and that will begin to build trust. Video has the ability to connect with emotions and that means your audience will be much more likely to share your message with the people they know.

It is time to lose your fears and just go for it. What is it you have been thinking about creating a video on? Start with a topic, create a solid plan, decide what you want to say and how you want to say it, and simply let go. Pretend you are talking to your best friend. Get into your message. Share it with your personal communication style, whatever that might be. Do it enough times that you start getting better. Video marketing fear can and should be concurred. And once it is, the prize will outweigh any hesitation you may feel in the beginning. Trust me when I tell you, the rewards are disproportionate to the effort.

“It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

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