As a business professional, you undoubtedly understand the importance of traffic. While I am a proponent of tapping into HIGHLY TARGETED traffic, ultimately business sales are a numbers game. Even with the most highly targeted traffic, not everyone will buy or use your services. 

So while traffic should targeted, you still need the numbers to work in your favor. With that said, is paid better than FREE traffic. Not necessarily.  Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each traffic source.

Paid Traffic

Online paid traffic has one major advantage: It can work very quickly. The major disadvantage is that it can also drain your pockets very quickly as well. 

As a paid traffic buyer you need to develop the discipline and patience to test in search of a winning ad. Luckily, Social media platforms provide low cost ads that can be scaled quickly once you discover their effectiveness. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all offer great platforms in which you can test ads. Usually for less than $100. Within those four, YouTube seems to be leading the pack in both effectiveness and cost per click.

FREE Traffic

Free traffic also has some very strong merits in effective marketing. However, free traffic usually takes some time to caught on (so to speak). However, many people trust free traffic means as a way to identify good business sources. The thought process, for good or for bad, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, is that paid ads have a certain bias in their favor. 

Free traffic sources are trusted a bit more because in many situations the potential client of being logically brought to a conclusion. In other words, if you read a blog post and come out believing that a certain product is beneficial to your situation, you are more likely to trust that more than if you just saw an ads for the same product. 

So when you break down and compare paid vs free traffic, free traffic may have an edge when it comes to credibility by virtue of the fact that people will discover the value of a product through some sort of editorial or product review. Those educational pieces carry more strength with authority and credibility than a simple ad.

Which one is better?

When you look at everything we have detailed concerning free vs paid traffic, an experienced marketer will opt to use both free and paid traffic.  Both options have strong arguing points. When everything is said and done, both free and paid synchronize to unleash a very powerful marketing strategy. Both compliment each other.

Fortunately, paid traffic can(and should) be tested with smaller ads before you start investing big numbers. Social media platform like Facebook and YouTube are great places to hit highly targeted demographics. 

The bottom line is that both free and paid traffic work. For the most part, paid traffic may work a bit quicker than free traffic. However, both strategies need their own specialized form of execution. Both strategies need their own strategies in order for them to work. The greatest power is in working both angles. Smart marketers use a combination of both strategies. 

Test and experiment with both.

Remember, it’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez

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