Picturing SuccessBeing in the home business industry for over ten years now, I’ve recently came to grips with an idea that eluded me for years. This one correction affected, not only my personal business, but also helped me understand why so many people found it challenging in their business. By understanding this, and correcting it, I was able to adjust my path and help others adjust theirs. It made a significant difference in how success unfolded.

The idea was brought to my attention by one of my marketing mentors, MLM legend, Mr. Dale Calvert. If you don’t know Dale, he is an awesome leader, trainer, and marketer. Dale has on several different occasions built organizations that produced multi-million dollar monthly sales teams. Dale began his network marketing career while working for IBM. He went through the trenches, like everyone else, made the mistakes, and learned the lessons. I have tremendous respect for him and his integrity.

Dale teaches a lot of “mind stuff.” He is an expert in the mental programming and personal development fields where it comes to home business and network marketing. Here is an interesting set of questions Dale ask; “What would your day look like if you were a successful home business owner? What would be the first thing you did in the morning? What time would you get up? Would you exercise? Would you have lunch with your mate? Specifically, what would your day look like?”

When I first heard these question years ago, I have to admit, I was a bit lost. I never thought about it from that perspective; “What would my day look like?” In hindsight, looking back at it today, I can clearly say I was lost because back in those days I had an employee mentality. I really didn’t see myself as a successful home business owner. And I mean that quite literally, I COULDN’T see myself as a successful home business owner, so initially I didn’t even attempt to do the exercise.

It wasn’t until I actually broke down and slowly started changing my inner perception, my personal picture of myself, that things started to flow for me. The right business partners and opportunities began showing up. The ideal circumstances began to fall in place. The perfect mentors began, almost magically, coming to me. It’s was as if the stars started to align.

Here is the power of our subconscious mind at work. We operate according to how we see ourselves. If on the conscious level of thinking you say to yourself, “I want to have a successful home business. Yes, I want to make $10,000 a month,” all that is fine and dandy, as long as you align that thought and belief with your inner “model of yourself,” because the inner self will ALWAYS over-ride the conscious mind.  

010-quitting-smokingThe million dollar question is, how do you align your beliefs with my goals? You do that by creating YOUR most ideal picture of success, holding that picture in your mind, and then connecting strong emotions to that picture. Your subconscious mind works with pictures and feelings. When you get yourself to create the ideal picture, hold that picture, and emotionalize it, over time, that picture becomes ingrained in the subconscious mind. It transforms into a belief. Once it’s a belief, you will be propelled to achieve the picture. Otherwise, if it doesn’t become a belief, if you can’t get yourself to see it in your mind, you will be playing tug-of-war against yourself. And guess what, when you play tug-of-war against your subconscious mind, your subconscious ALWAYS wins. 

I sincerely hope, you the reader is connecting with this idea. This is what I finally came to grips with, and it explains why so many struggle to make success happen. Once you can align your mind with your goals, and start picturing success as you want it to be, you will begin to be pulled in that direction. All the appropriate ideas, people, and situations will begin to appear in your life.

That is why I think Dale Calvert’s questions are so powerful. Those questions I listed above spark the mind to think at a different level. They create the pictures you need to align your goals and beliefs with your mission in life. I firmly believe that the life you are living today, was the life you imagined several months ago. If you can come to that realization, that the life you are living now you created in your mind over your recent past, then you become empowered to create a better life in the recent future by clearly picturing what it is you want today.

Understand this, if your mind resists you thinking in that way now, YOU WILL NOT PRODUCE THE RESULT LATER. That is just the way it is. It is against natural law for you to produce a result without first producing the result in your mind. All growth happens from the inside out. You may feel as if you can’t visualize, but I assure you, if you persist, gradually the pictures will become clearer. Gradually, you will feel the power of connecting with these new pictures. And gradually, you will begin attracting everything you need to effortlessly make your dreams come true. 

So my challenge for you is simple, take just ten minutes a day. For the next 90 days, sit quietly in a chair in your home, and just create a crystal clear picture of what it will be like when you are making $10,000 a month. Create an exciting picture. Use as many of the five senses as possible. REALLY get into it. Feel the freedom of having all the wealth and abundance you desire. Then just take massive action. When it comes to action, don’t think too much, just move. Even making the wrong move will be better than no move at all. Trust me. No, I’m nobody. Trust God. He is the one that put this system in place.

Get the picture in your head every day for the next 90 days. Do it without fail, and you will be astonished about what unfolds before your very eyes.

Remember, It’s your time to shine!

368731_1551612241_563987760_nMike Martinez

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