It’s amazing what can happen in just 90 days. Over the last 90 days the world, as we know it, has transformed. What was once considered normal is no longer the case.

A new normal swept in and literally changed the world. What we should all take notice is that change happened at break-neck speed. Zoom conferencing became a way of life. Social distancing became the new norm. Telephone doctor visits are now the socially acceptable mode of medical check ups. Electronic business is thriving like never before. All these are changes that demand our attention.

However, more importantly is the changes you MUST make in order to adopt to this new way of life. I’m not here to tell you that change is good or bad. I’m here to remind you of something you already know. Sometimes in life situations happen that force us to re-invent ourselves. Re-invent yourself or be left behind.

It has been said that the only constant in life is change. We are proving that everyday. the quest is, ‘how will you re-invent yourself in order to, not only survive, but to actually thrive?” In critical times like these people either build or collapse. Those that build find ways in which they acquire new skills. They see gaps in the marketplace that weren’t there just a short time ago. But now they see solutions to newly created problems. These people WIN at a very high level.

They other side of the coin are those that fear change to such a degree that they are willing to perish than to change. Unfortunately, this is a greater percentage of the people. Coming out of your comfort zone is such a mental demand, most people prefer to “stay the way things are.” Life just doesn’t work that way. Evolution is built into nature for a reason. You either change, adapt and grow, or you perish. It’s as simple as that.

Where will you be in 5 years?

Interestingly enough, many times we go through problems, issues or obstacle that literately move us out of our comfort zone, and into a bigger and better place in life. Even though , at the time, we didn’t have the foresight to notice it. That is why they say hindsight is 5050. But the intelligent do is to not only imagine the ideal future, but to create it.

With the right courage, consistency and vision, you can literately re-invent yourself. You can recreate YOU. Maybe you gave up on some dreams. Maybe you bought into the the naysayers that shot your ideas down. This just might be the time to pull yourself, up from the proverbial bootstraps, and shut down those doubter.

How do you do that? How do you re-invent yourself? First get clear on what it is you want. Decide what your ideal future would look like. It’s critically important to see a clear picture of the ideal outcome.

Step two: find a mentor who has already done what you want to do. In our world today, we are not missing any examples of people who have achieved great success. We are simply missing the courage to find and approach those mentors. Mentors can come in the form of videos, books, lectures, training, coaching and live communication. Find what is best for you.

Finally, commit to mastery. Commit to achieving success Don’t allow anyone the power to suffocate your dreams. Because uncle Peter or aunt Sue doesn’t believe in your goal doesn’t mean they are right. No one should have the authority to set the limits in you life. If you yourself don’t know the limits in your own life, how could anyone else?

My best advice to you is to expect greatness from yourself. Know that you will comfort doubters. Know that you will prove them wrong. For those of you looking to develop an income online, Take a look at this.

Remember, It’s your time to shine,

Mike Martinez

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