Video Marketing ChallengeHow to take your video marketing to the next level? Before we begin, can you REALLY take your video marketing, and by default, your video creation, to the next level?

Not only can you, but you ABSOLUTELY must. Why would you want to stay at your current level? You should always be attempting to add to your skills… to improve your marketing… to take it to the next level. That is the only way to increase your income.

However, here is the problem most people face. Most people believe that past results equal future results, therefore they can’t see themselves successful because of their past failures. If you are one of these people, let go of that idea.

Success grows when we realize that “this is a new moment.” Because you failed yesterday does not guarantee that you will fail today. In fact, the exact opposite is much more likely. After all, you now know what doesn’t work.

When we analyze histories truly successful businesspeople, politicians, artist, actors, ect., we find people with a laser focused mind that “refused to lose.” They had the mental strength to look beyond past failures and come to grips with “this is a new moment.”

In the context of video marketing, right now you have a new opportunity to make the best video you have ever made. Right now you can DARE to unleash that YOU that you are afraid to share with the world.

I think those that have taken my “Video Marketing Challenge” have added so many skills, so quickly, simply because I asked that you “Suspend Disbelief” right from the very beginning. Past results become a stepping stone, not an excuse to quit.

This is what makes the challenge work. This is the key to growth in anything. Dare to use your last results, regardless of what they were, to move yourself forward.

So what do you say? Ready to push yourself to the next level? Good here is your assignment;

Take out a sheet of paper. At the top of the page, identify your target market. Next to that, write down one MAJOR problem your target market is facing. What is keeping them up at night? Next, jot down three or four quick and easy solutions to their problem. Here is the fun part; creatively communicate those solutions in a video. Then simply share it with your target market.

When you complete this task, you will have set in motion several key things that will move your business forward. First of all, you will be providing value BEFORE you ask for compensation.

This is one of the “Universal Laws” that most people get backwards. Most people ask for compensation without providing value FIRST. That is a huge error in judgment.

The second thing this assignment does is it positions you as an expert in your field. People want to do business with experts.

Last but not at all least, this assignment gives you one more notch on your “video marketing” belt. It allows you one more opportunity to be the “bad-ass” you know you are. Go ahead, show the world what you got! It’s your time to shine!

Make it so,

Mike Martinez

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