Network Marketing SuccessI think we would all agree that commitment is a major key to success in anything. Want to have a great relationship with your mate? You must commit. Want to live a healthy lifestyle? It takes commitment. Want to create financial abundance? Commit yourself to the outcome.

When it come to developing network marketing success, most everyone will say they want it, however, their actions speak louder than their words. Very few people actually commit to their own success at a level where they can actually create success.

The problem stems from two basic issues; focus and subconscious blocks. Focus is something that you have total control over. The subconscious blocks are not so easy to identify and control. But once identified, these blocks can be replaced with new, more empowering ideas that will instantly enhance your efforts toward success.

Your deep unconscious beliefs about network marketing success

The funny thing about the mind is that we behave in accordance to what we believe to be true, even if what we believe is not true. All that really matters, on a mental level, is whether we believe it or not. So, let me give you a quick example. You hear, “97% of network marketers fail. That’s a sucker’s game. The only way you can ever make money is when you are there in the beginning of a company. Otherwise, you fall into the 97% that will fail.”

Is that true? Do 97% of network marketers fail? If you believe that, can you see why you wouldn’t commit to creating your network marketing success? Consciously, you may say you want to develop your business to a six figure yearly income, but subconsciously you may actually believe that 97% fail in this industry. That belief will hold you back. It will assist you in finding proof that 97% fail. It will reinforce your desire to not commit. After all, if 97% fail, what are your chances of being successful?

Who came up with the scientific statistic of 97% failure rate in network marketing is a mystery. No one wants to stand up and prove the figures are accurate. Many people, especially those outside of the industry, love quoting that statistic, but no one has any proof whatsoever that it is an actual scientific statistical fact.

Network Marketing Success; Fact or Fiction

Here are some more facts. Most people that study to become licensed Real Estate agents never go out and sell, or even list a home. Most people that take the time and expense to get licensed to sell insurance never make it into the industry. The average 4 year college graduate changes careers 7 times during his working lifetime, many times being involved in a career that has little or nothing to do with their degree.

What does all this have to do with network marketing success? Two things, first, if you are buying into the 97% failure rate, realize that there is no basis to believe that. It could just as easily be said that 97% of those that stay in network marketing for 5 years or more, and remain active, do succeed. And when you succeed in network marketing, we are talking BIG MONEY.

Second thing is that people of all industries can be quoted with the same 97% failure rate. Is that an accurate assessment? Probably not. But as the saying goes, “Repeat a lie long enough and people will begin to believe it.”

Network Marketing Success; Replacing fiction with facts

Now let’s get back to our discussion on commitment. If you deep inside you believe that 97% of network marketers fail, you will be battling within yourself in order to commit to do what it takes to succeed. But, what if you replaced that belief with one that said that 97% of those that stay, actively building their business for two years or more, get to the big money, the freedom, and the millionaire lifestyle that you want, do you think that may reinforce your actions, and your ability to stay focused with the task at hand? ABSOLUTELY!

That one little shift, that one tiny replacement of beliefs, can mean the difference between quitting in total frustration, because you know you are going to fail, or sticking to it, with unstoppable motivation, because deep down inside you know that if you persist you are going to succeed.

I left the best for last. The best part is that you can decide right here, right now, if you are going to believe the 97% wins, or the 97% loses. Right now, you can decide that 97% of those that stay in network marketing for 2 years or more achieve success that most people can only dream about. And here is the beauty, if you do adopt that belief, you will start noticing that it is true, 97% of those that stay, and continue to actively work their business, do go on to achieve massive success.

Everything is determined by how you look at it. How you look at it determines your actions. Your actions determine your results. Your results, good or bad, can be adjusted to produce the exact results you seek, if you commit to stay in the game.

Network marketing success is a mind game you play with yourself. By eliminating your subconscious blocks, you free yourself to take the actions that are needed to create your success. The mental tug-of-war will end. You will feel driven to achieve because you are behaving in accordance to your deepest beliefs.

Realize you have the power to make these changes in belief at anytime. Start right now!

And never forget, It’s your time to shine,

Mike Martinez 856-202-5067

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    • Philippe Moisan

      Hello Mike,

      I like it when you say it’s a mind game we play with ourselves. It’s so true. The thing is, it’s not easy to change the rules of the game, even when you know the subconscious is “cheating”, so to speak. 🙂


    • wow armory

      I simply needed to comment and state that I honestly valued reading your website post here. It turned out seriously educational and I additionally digg the way how you write!

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