Responsive List BuildingIs it true that building a highly responsive list is the most important thing a new online marketer should focus on? And if list building is so important, why do so many people avoid it like the plague?

Here are two facts that require our analysis. Fact #1; Most beginning online marketers struggle for years to make money. We hear of the dreaded failure rate that tells us, 97% of new online marketers fail within the first 3 years.

Fact #2; Building a highly responsive list is the fastest, most stable marketing strategy that leads to predictable outcomes, over and over again. The Gurus that most people look up to online are the owners of the biggest lists.

First of all, let’s address fact #1. In reality, most people don’t fail within the first three years. However, most people do quit within the first three years. And although some will consider quitting as a failure, quitting is more of a surrendering. These newbies feel as if they can’t figure it out, they continue trying new programs and opportunities, without any success and so through utter frustration they stop all activity. Quitting is in reality not a failure of the industry, it’s a failure of the individual. 

Fact #2, is it true that building a highly responsive list the key to generating income online? The answer, in one word, ABSOLUTELY. This is not a play on words, but online marketing is about MARKETING online. Having a highly responsive list to market to is the proven way to make money online. 

Most online marketers get started backwards. They join opportunities, then they go out to market to strangers. Strangers rarely take advice, or do business with people they don’t know, like or trust. The smart solution is to first create a targeted list, then market to the list products and services that fits their needs and wants.

Think about when it is that you have responded to an offer. Chances are great that you respect the person who is offering the product or service you are responding to. Chances are great that you in some way know, like and trust the source. You and I rarely do business with people we don’t know, like or trust. 

That is precisely why creating a highly responsive list should be of prime importance for those that are serious about developing a reoccurring income online. Without a list, people get frustrated, and most eventually give up. With a targeted list, you start the money flowing, first slowing, then in mass amounts.

The best advice is to not follow what the Guru’s are saying, but to watch what the Guru’s are doing. The Guru’s are Guru’s because they have a large following. They have a large following because they created a list that they first provided good quality content to, then they start monetizing their list with offers. They sponsor tons of people into their networking businesses, sell truckloads of products, and continue to derive income week after week, month after month, and year after year, all from their list. This is what YOU should be doing.

The problem most beginners have is that they are lost on how to set up the entire process. What do I offer? How do I set up the page? How do I deliver the information? Do I have the technical skills to do this? These are the questions that stop most people from ever getting started. Here is the final fact you must consider.

With today’s technology, anyone can put these funnels together easily. In fact, the technological side is not nearly as important as the philosophy and overall strategy. Putting a lead capture site together is really easy, yet your strategy on how you attract your prospects, what you offer them, the follow up, your personal branding, all of these play into the effectiveness of your list building.

The bottom line is that you need to add to your skill levels. If you want to produce better results, find ways to get more skills. How do you do this? Find the right mentors, observe what the leaders are doing, educate yourself, do the research and add to your skills. That is what every top online earner has done. There are no short cuts, but the journey is not difficult or impossible. The real question is, how bad do you want it? If you want it bad enough, acquiring the skills will be a pleasant and exciting process. Take the plunge. Start acquiring the skills to build a highly responsive list, and funnel system. It will be worth the effort.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

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