Scientific Thinking For Goal Achievement

scientific thinkingIn 1921, author Henry Hamlin coined the term “Scientific Thinking” in his book “Dynamic Thought”. Since then, much has been written about the importance of controlling your mind to achieve specific outcomes.

Surprisingly, many people are under the impression that they effectively control their minds and so don’t need any additional instructions on how to do that.

However, in today’s society, with the information overload we are bombarded with every second of every day, “Scientific Thinking” is even more valuable than it was 100 years ago. Advancements in technology are needed for all the progress we have experienced over the last 100 years. Yet, what is also needed is the ability to detach ourselves from all the outside input and be able to look within for answers and inner dialog.

You see, with all the advancements in communication, and all the different outside influence, unconsciously we are being directed, and a lot of times it is not necessarily to our best outcome. Big business, Government, Education, Religion, Friends and Family, etc. gladly provide “SUGGESTIONS” on how we should use our money, or how we should lead our lives, again with ulterior motives that may not be to our best interest. 

Taking back control with “Scientific Thinking”

In order for you to really move your life in the direction of your choosing, you need to manufacture the thoughts that will support your goals. If you allow your thinking to be influenced by outside thoughts, you are giving up control of the all-important thinking process.

Does that mean that we should shun all outside input? No, but you should limit and scrutinize what is entering your mind. “Scientific Thinking” gives you a systematized way of doing just that. In today’s society, scattered thinking is common. You can always see the distinguishing results of those people that have laser-focused thinking, as opposed to those that have scattered thinking.

Those who are producing laser-focused results are consciously or unconsciously utilizing “Scientific Thinking”, while the majority of people are being led to action by every whimsical idea that is received from outside sources. The power in Scientific Thinking is that it inspires you to monitor and filter your thinking so you limit all the outside influence and instead start you in the path of manufacturing specific thoughts that align with your most desired goals.

If any one should, could and would have your best interest in mind, it should be you. No one should want to see the accomplishment of your goals more than you. Therefore, the responsibility falls on your shoulders, and no one else’s.

Every thought, every action, and consequently, every result should be clarified and well thought out. In fact, that is the formula for success; thought, action, result. By controlling that sequence, you literately control the direction in which your life moves.

How can you start using this skill today? Create the awareness of what you are allowing to enter into your mind. Is the music you are listening to supporting your goals? Are the friends you are talking to supporting your goals? Are the television shows you are watching helping you get closer to your goals or are they pulling you away?

Try this; over the next 30 days, limit the outside information input you are receiving, and crystallize in your mind the ideas and thoughts you need to support your goals. For some, this simple technique can be very challenging. Those are the people that will get the most from this technique.

For others, they will welcome this technique and by so doing, strengthen and take a quantum leap forward in results. Either way, this exercise is designed to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of “Scientific Thinking”.

Take the challenge and experience the magic. Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

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