The universal law of sowing and reaping is always in effect. That means that everything is affected by it. Even something as trivial as Facebook.

To begin with, let’s get clear on what exactly is the law of sowing and reaping. The law states the what you put out, you will certainly get back. Put an apple seed in the soil, you will get an apple tree. Simple enough.

However, what people don’t realize is the extent to which that affects us in our daily lives. Some people refuse to accept that what you put out you will certainly get back. Negative people will fervently argue that the negative circumstances and situations that are constantly showing up have nothing to do with what they are putting out.

Another great lesson the law of sowing and reaping teaches us is that you have to act first in order to reap the harvest. If YOU don’t plant the seed, YOU can’t expect a harvest. Many people expect the seed to plant itself. That is not how it works. You first have to diligently put forth the effort before you can expect a result.

In the formula of cause and effect, it is up to you to set the cause in motion. Then, and only then can and should you expect a result. Too many people seek results without put forth the appropriate action. You can’t ask the wood burning fireplace for heat without first adding the wood and igniting the fire. Surprisingly, many people do just that.


Facebook marketing and the law of sowing and reaping

So now that we are clear on what the law of sowing and reaping is, let’s learn how to apply it to social media marketing. In particular, Facebook marketing.

Facebook is an incredible platform in which you can develop a following. How do you develop a following? You get people’s attention when YOU first give others your attention. That is by far the most important sentence in this entire post.

So much so that it demands repeating. You get people’s attention when YOU first give your attention to others. We just talked about the ironic and ridicules idea of a person asking for heat from a fireplace without first adding the wood, lighting and stoking the fire. Figuratively speak, that is exactly what people are doing on Facebook.

Engagement is what brings success with Social Media Marketing. Engagement means viewing, Liking, Commenting and Sharing OTHER PEOPLE’S post. When you do that, people take notice of you. They take the time to view, like comment and share YOUR post.

The simple act of taking the initiative in social media engagement can literately transform your marketing results.

The other major component to this “Sowing and Reaping” strategy is that you have to put out more than just ads. Smart marketers share good content,in the form of educational post, inspirational quotes, funny or entertaining pictures, and captivating videos.

Selling on Facebook is like selling anywhere else. First, you need to get attention. Then you need to get people to know, like and trust you. That rarely happens when your entire focus is just in posting ads, hoping to get someone (anyone) to click onto your ad.

If you are not succeeding and you want to turn things around, start by putting your focus on others. By so doing, you will begin to start getting the attention refocused on you. It’s the law of sowing and reaping at work.

So in the final analysis, Facebook and or social media in general is not immune to the law of sowing and reaping. In fact, if we intelligently align ourselves and our marketing with these natural laws, we just might discover that success can be planned, executed and predicted. The law of sowing and reaping exist within digital marketing.

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