Success 2013 with Mike MartinezWhat if this year you committed to releasing your greatness? How would your life change if you decided you would systematically eliminate errors and replaced them with new, more powerful success habits? All it really takes is your commitment to change… to move your life forward. Could you get yourself to that point?

Success in business or in life requires a dogged determination and a laser like focus to achieve new heights. Clarity and persistence is of utmost importance, as is the realization to move yourself out of your comfort-zone and into uncharted waters. Expansion happens ONLY when you put yourself on the line and demand from yourself NEW experiences.

Here is a quick list of suggestions to help make that happen.

  • Success 2013: Seek new and better associations; My grandmother drilled in my head this one saying as I was growing up, “Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Who you walk with can be a major breaking point to your success. There is no denying that humans mimic and match the habits, language, attitudes, and thinking patterns of those around them. Therefore, it is vitally important to find associates that contribute to our aims in life, as opposed to people that will divert us from our path to success. Develop relationships with people that are heading in the direction you wish to travel.
  • Success 2013: Put yourself on the line; Ever noticed what happens when you see an outstanding performance? Whether in sports, music, the arts, ect, when we see an outstanding performance we get a gut feeling so strong that we cheer with joy, and in some cases, we even come to tears. Why is that? First of all, we come to realize that the person performing gave it everything they had. They put themselves on the line and they came close to touching perfection. But more importantly, it moves us internally because we recognize that we ourselves are capable of achieving greatness. Yet we hold ourselves back, mainly because we are afraid to “look stupid.” Putting yourself on the line means giving your best performance, regardless of “looking stupid.” It means your willingness to launch, without a safety net, and show the world your brilliance. We are all capable of extraordinary performance, but we shut ourselves down in fear of what others will say. Eliminate the thought of “what others will say,” and give the world your best performance every time.
  • Success 2013: Commit to challenging yourself; Most people pick targets to overcome. “Mike Martinez does great videos, but I’m going to do one better than him.” Fact is, my videos are no better than anyone else’s. I’m no good. If you are shooting to better me, the truth is, you are aiming way too low. It’s much better to challenge yourself than it is to challenge anyone else. Why? Because there is a limit to how good anyone is, but there is no limit to how good you can be. What if you decided to just improve 1% from your last performance, and you did that for an entire year, how good would you be at the end of the year? There is no telling how good you would be. So, the same way you shouldn’t worry about what other people say about you, you shouldn’t waste your time comparing yourself or competing with anyone else. It’s much better to compete against yourself. Challenge yourself to greatness and you will find that there is no limit to how great you can be.    

Adapt a new approach for advancement in 2013. Develop new relationships, put yourself on the line and consistently challenge yourself, and your success in 2013 will materialize right before your eyes.

“It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez Cloud IX Connection top team leader






Mike Martinez

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