These days every company claims to have a system for rapid Network Marketing Success. In addition, each company claims their system to be far superior to all the rest. Although this is partly true, most companies do have a “system,” and although these systems have improved the odds of the average person being able to develop a serious income from home, there is still a key principle missing in order to take full advantage of the “system.”

That often-overlooked principle is personal development. Statistics prove that a great majority of the people entering the network marketing industry are dissatisfied employees. People who have spent most, if not all of their adult life working for a company. Because NWM brings on a dramatic change in work ethics, personal development is a major ingredient in the success of any aspiring networker.

No system will ever replace the growth necessary that needs to occur in order to effectively build, run and maintain an ever-growing organization. Too much time is focused on simply training the mechanics of a particular marketing system and not enough time is spent developing the individual. That is a major mistake that leads to a longer learning curve and high attrition.

People come into this industry with doubts, fears, reservations, feelings of inadequacies, not to mention family and friends sitting on the sidelines waiting to yell out, “I told you that was a scam.” These are the realities of our industry. And I don’t find this to be a negative. We all needs some adversity and struggle to push us into the next level of growth. Network marketing provides that threshold where people either quit, or go on to massive success.

The good thing is personal development is a welcomed benefit. What very few people realize is that the top income earners had to go thru massive personal growth to get to where they are now. If we could go back in time, and look at these top earners 5 years ago, chances are you would be looking at an entirely different people. Not physically, but mentally, and even spiritually. 5 years back they didn’t have the skills they now have. And I’m not talking just marketing skills.

Humans have in inert desire to grow and improve. However, when we don’t address that desire, and we focus entirely on teaching the “system” we create a vacuum. And since nature abhors a vacuum, those feelings of fear and doubt quickly enter into the picture and gradually shut down motivation. Where you once had an excited new partner, you now have a doubtful, even fearful person who knows the system but does not use it.

Here are three personal development skills every networker must master alongside the marketing system.

Network Marketing Success Skill 1: Goal setting: When you teach goal setting what you are really teaching is mental focusing skills. Since most employees are accustomed to following mundane work routines, setting, planning and following through on goals will be a new skill set for many people. Goal setting and goal achievement should be the primary training given to new representatives.

Network Marketing Success Skill 2: Communication: Any way you wish to slice and dice network marketing, it all boils down to being a people business. Regardless of the product or the marketing system, somewhere along the line there must be some sort of personal interaction. Developing communication skills is of key importance here. Mastering the art of creating and maintaining relationships is the essence of network marketing success. We are yet to develop a mechanical system that will automatically develop relationships.

Network Marketing Success Skill 3: Leadership: Goal setting and communication are learned skills. Once they are learned they must be passed on to the next generation. As stated above, goal setting teaches mental focusing skills. That is exactly what leadership is all about, setting the focus. Leadership in network marketing is not about sitting pretty at the top teaching marketing techniques. It’s about setting the focus for your team. Getting them to see more in themselves than they see, getting the team to work together on a common goal, teaching them relationship building skills… That is leadership, and that is something no “system,” no matter how sophisticated can do for us.

People who enter Network Marketing are looking for answers. They are searching for a better way. They want to be taught how to become a Network Marketing Success. By all means, teach them your system. But make sure you bring out in them the desire to grow as a person. Educate them on the values of personal development. Take them by the hand and teach them goal setting, communication, and leadership skills.

The best marketing system in the world will never replace the human element of NWM. Take pride in that. In life, as well as in business, you are either growing or you are dying. And the choice is always yours. Chose to grow. It’s the fastest way to network marketing success.

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    • Frank Donohue

      You hit the nail right on the head with post Mike. It was actually the exact message I needed to read today. 2 things that will really jam you up in any Direct Sales business is lack of people to talk to and getting overwhelmed by having too much going on. These two things can create what Zig Ziglar calls “Stinking Thinking”. The only cure I know of for this condition is a good healthy dose of personal development. Keep up the leadership Mike. Great info!

    • Princess Slothower

      It’s really a cool and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

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