Home Business FearFear is the one thing that trips most people on the quest for home business success. In fact, fear is the number 1 reason people quit reaching for more in life, and end up settling for mediocrity. Let’s analyze what these fears truly are, and how we can put an end to these self-created mental stumbling blocks.

  • Home business success fear #1; Fear that you are not enough: This is a common fear, especially among newbie’s. The fear of not being enough is a self-esteem issue. Maybe you feel you lack certain skills. Maybe you have been told in the past that you didn’t measure up, or you wouldn’t amount to anything. Unfortunately, the mind has a perfect memory. And although you may have heard that years ago, or heard it for a totally unrelated matter, your mind makes these connections on its own. If your mind pulls you in any particular direction, then it’s what we call a desire. The word, “desire,” comes from the Latin root meaning “from the Father.” If your heart truly desires something, then you can absolutely have it.
  • Home business fear #2; Fear you will look stupid: This fear is the cousin of the first fear. Humans are sensitive to looking bad in front of others. Our ego’s can’t handle it. Why? Because we want to always be seen with our best foot forward. Deep inside we want to show the world how good we really are. However, no one is good at everything from day one. Most of people have to be bad before we become good. That is just the natural progression of things. But for those that let this fear rule their actions, they create for themselves a prison. Rarely do they feel the satisfaction of knowing they tried their hardest, whether they looked good or not.
  • Home Business fear #3; Fear you don’t know what to do: Humans have a natural fear of the unknown. The problem is, in order to move your life into new areas, into unexplored territory, you must venture into new things. If you want what you haven’t got, you must do thing you haven’t done. Expansion always requires the courage of doing new things, meeting new people, adding new skills.
  • Home Business fear #4; Fear you are making the wrong decision: This fear stems from the fact that you haven’t gotten crystal clear on what you want. Indecision is a huge stumbling block for many people. Ultimately, those that wrestle with this fear eventually submit to doing nothing. Like most fears, it will paralyze you. Getting clear on your goals is the motivating factor that pushes you into action. Clarity clears the cobwebs between your ears and allows you to formulate specific plans to reach your objectives. The opposite of paralysis by fear, is action by motivation.

Indentifying these fears, something is the needed catalyst to help move beyond them. When you can step back and realize how absurd they really are, you can break free from the chains that hold you back. Everyone, at some point or another, suffers from these dreadful fears. However, only those that decide to go beyond their fears ever get to enjoy a fulfilling life, taste success.

Here are my quick solutions to these four fear;

  • Home Business fear #1; Not being enough: Understand that you have amazing potential within you. You were created in God’s image. Don’t cheat the world from your brilliance by giving in to this fear.
  • Home business fear #2; Looking stupid: Turn it around in your mind. Don’t worry about looking stupid. Understand that if you must look stupid to reach your goals, why not have fun looking stupid. Enjoy the process. The alternative is a life of quiet desperation. Trust me, you don’t want that.
  • Home Business Fear #3; Not knowing what to do: Commit to learning the skills. If you truly desire success and financial freedom, you are going to have to pick up new skills. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT. Best advice is to find yourself a mentor. Find someone that does what you want to do, and learn from them. Commit to adding the skills, take the actions, and you will eliminate this fear.
  • Home Business Fear #4; Indecision; Clarity is power. Get clear on what you want. Fix your mind on that one goal, and put the blinders on. Indecision is probably the easiest one to eliminate. Once you do, everything else will flow perfectly from then on.

We, you and I, are capable of extraordinary things. We were placed on this earth not just to squeak by, but to flourish. Humans are amazing when we allow ourselves to be. What we can accomplish is mind blowing. That is, once we decide to go beyond our fear. Commit to eliminating fear, and taking massive action.

Before we close, one more inspiration. This is totally unrelated to business. It’s actually a TV competition show seen in Great Britain. However, this video will be a testament to how amazing humans are. And it will also demonstrate how powerful it is when we are seeing “excellence in motion.” There is no doubt that it stirs the heart. That is why you must add your own unique excellence to the world.

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