Master-key-to-wealthWhat does it take to create financial freedom? Imagine living your life with the freedom of choice to do, be, or have anything you wanted. Nothing would be beyond your reach. Have lunch at an outdoor cafe in Paris. Rough the outback’s of Australia. Explore a safari in Africa. Spend a weekend at the Waldorf. Travel the globe just because you want to. All within your reach.

To the majority of people, maybe even you, these are nothing but dreams. Most people are having a hard time meeting their monthly obligations to allow their minds to fantasize on such foolish dreams. But how foolish are these dreams really?

In 1908, Wallace Wattles wrote a masterpiece entitled “The science of getting rich.” In it, Wattles points out that anyone can get rich with scientific certainty if that person does things in a certain way.

This article will explore four specific things anyone can do that will lead to certain, scientific financial success.

1. Get clear; What would it take in dollars and cents for you to be debt free? What specific dollar amount would be necessary for you to have all your bills paid in full every month? Depending on your lifestyle, some people can be totally debt-free with only $5,000 or $6,000 a month.

Of course, this figure varies considerably, but the key point here is not the amount but the awareness. Coming to an accurate amount that would provide you a debt-free lifestyle will dramatically clear up your thinking, minimize obstacles, and lead you to a proper plan for achievement.

2. Pay yourself first; Here is where most people fail to create their freedom. If you fail to pay yourself first every time you get money, guess what… you are without a doubt headed for financial failure. Paying yourself first is the one critical principle that connects all the other techniques and strategies together.

The bottom line is that even if you were handed millions of dollars this very second, if for instance you found out that you hit the lottery, unless you immediately began investing, you would soon be broke again. Financial freedom means that money is now working for you instead of you having to slave for it. If all you are doing with money is spending it, you will never master it. On the contrary, having to acquire more money will master and control you. Your slavery will never end.

When I speak about money and investing, the biggest argument I hear is that there is no money left to invest after all the bills are paid. I have two responses for these people.

First of all, make it a habit to pay yourself first. Before you pay any bills, you must first pay yourself. And a lot of times you hear that you must put away 10%. That’s a good place to start, but if you can’t afford 10% right now, put away 2%.

The key is to commit to saving a portion of your income to set in motion a wealth creation machine. You set that money aside and let it grow to where you can then invest it and have other people pay you for it’s use.

The second answer to the “no money to invest” excuse is the third master key to financial freedom, MSI.

3. Multiple streams of income; The fastest way to achieve any desired results is to study the people who are currently achieving the result you are after. Then you simply follow their proven steps.

If you made it a point to study how people who started with nothing and reached lasting financial freedom, you would find one outstanding common denominator. Those that achieve wealth do so by having multiple streams of income working for them.

The idea behind the concept is pure common sense… if you only have one income, and that one income is eliminated or threatened in any way, you have some serious problems.

In fact, if you lose your one and only income, you now have to scramble to replace it, or you may lose everything. It is truly unfortunate that so many people have fallen into this trap recently. Therefore it would behoove each of us to create, or develop multiple streams of income.

An intelligent move would be to create or develop an additional income dedicated to help feed our investment portfolio. Many wealthy people dedicate an entire income stream for growing their investments.

When I talk about an additional stream of income, most people instantly assume I am talking about a second job. I am not. In fact, from a tax stand point, that is probably the worst thing anyone can do. Your second “on the books job” will be taxed at a higher rate than your primary job.

If again, we went back and studied those that started with nothing and achieved financial success, yes, we would find multiple streams of income. But we would also find that most, if not all of those income streams were produced by a business income. In other words, create or develop additional incomes that are from your own business ventures.

In today’s world, anyone can start, develop, or purchase their own business. You have many options available. There are thousands of viable home, Internet, or network marketing businesses that can be started on a shoestring and can lead to incredible wealth.

4. Prosperity consciousness; Throughout history the wises people have concluded one fundamental fact, “we become what we think about most.”

In 1933 Napoleon Hill published the all-time classic “Think and grow rich.” With it he set out to awaken the world to the fact that prosperity consciousness is the number one element needed for attracting and maintaining wealth.

In this article we have covered clearly defined goals, investing, multiple streams of income, and the value of owning and operating your own business. Yet, none of these very important topics are of any value to a person who fosters a poverty mentality.

A person with a poverty mentality will not have the ambition to set goals and follow through with them. Or, search his mind in order to find additional incomes to develop. Or, put himself on the line to create a business.

On the other hand, a person with a prosperous mentality will automatically gravitate to all of these concepts naturally. They would move confidently towards goals, as if they were exerting no effort at all. It would seem as if they are magnetizing all they need to themselves.

The biggest threat to your financial freedom is not the economy, lack of opportunity, or even your current lack of money. The biggest threat is how your mind focuses it’s energy to either attract, or repel money and success.

Developing a prosperity consciousness is of utmost importance to your ultimate freedom. Everything else would be nothing but wasted effort. Financial freedom always happens from the inside first.

Put into practice these four principles in your life daily and financial freedom will surely follow just as naturally as days follow nights. Your success is not only within your reach, it is in your own mind.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!

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