As human beings we all have an innate desire for success. Success is built into our DNA. After all, no one goes out to fail purposely. 

In our quest for success, many of us miss a critical step in fast tracking success.

The secret to fast tracking success is find a mentor who has already done what you propose to do. The right mentor can shave years off the learning curve we must all go through. 

As a young man I was fascinated by martial arts.  It started with my first Bruce Lee movie. Seeing Bruce dispose of his opponents so swiftly and elegantly more than impressed me. I was literately shocked to see what the human body was capable of. So I set out to learn. 

Growing up in Brooklyn NY in a household of only my sister, Mom and Grand mother, we didn’t have much money. Getting formal lessons and attending a school was out of the question. 

But my inquisitive mind wouldn’t allow me to abandon the quest to learn. Instead, I did what I thought was the next best thing. I went to the library to read about martial arts. I spent many hours at the library reading books on Karate and Kung fu.

I emulated the poses I saw in the books. I attempted the strikes as best as I could from simply seeing pictures. I did the best I could under the circumstances. 

I remember the first time I actually took my first formal Karate class . Totally new experience. I remember thinking, “man I had this all wrong.” That was my beginning in understanding the power of having a LIVE MENTOR. 

Mentor-ship: The fast track to success

In looking back at my life and my different journeys throughout life. I remember stubbing, falling, banging my head,  and flat out failing, numerous times, simply because I attempted to learn things on my own. 

I also recall the ease and elegance of learning things by following the guidance of someone who has done what I was looking to do. The experience was completely different. Yes, of course there was a learning curve. But the curve was a lot less. The time required to pick up the skill was a lot less. The entire experience was much better in every way.

Ultimately, mentoring, especially with a personal one on one mentoring, you develop the skill much faster. Mentoring is the secret fast track to success.

It’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez

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