Scientific thinkingWhat you allow in your mind makes all the difference between the actions you take and what direction your life travels. Ultimately, the responsibility is within each person to monitor what is allowed into the mind.

The problem is the amount of information fighting for our attention. Media, music, education, religion, governments, family and friends, etc, each adds to the information input we all get from outside sources.

Sometimes those inputs are beneficial, other times they are not. Going from idea to idea, without a clear objective, creates confusion in the mind and in turn creates confused intentions.

Our mind’s work best with precise direction and clearly defined outcomes, instead of confused intentions. That is why if we want to move along a certain path and reach specific goals, it is best that we manufacture the ideas needed to achieve the outcome, and avoid ANY outside influence that goes contrary to our visions.

Taking control of your thinking should be your number one priority if in fact you want to achieve the results you envision. The way you take control of your thinking is by consciously filtering the input allowed to occupy the space and time in your mind.

The truth is that if you allow your mind to run on default, it will drift with every whimsical idea that enters it. Unfortunately, billions of dollars are spent in order to direct your mind to take certain actions. Again, it is your responsibility to guard your mind and your thinking to align with your goals.

Here are three quick and easy steps that will help you better direct your mind for the accomplishments of your goals.

  • Limit the amount of media you allow on a daily basis. Much of what is seen and or heard these days is of a very negative nature. It’s important that we control the feelings we produce in our bodies. Avoiding much of today’s media can greatly improve how we control both our mind’s and the feelings we experience.
  • Start your day right. Immediately upon arising in the morning, plant the intention of how you wish your day to be. You can do this by simply creating the pictures of success in your mind. Take a few minutes to focus your attention on these pictures. Release the intentions before you actually step out of bed.
  • End your day properly. Your mind works on certain frequencies that ultimately controls the energy in your body. As you begin to rest, your mind frequencies slow down and so your body begins to release and relax. Specifically, your mind goes from beta, to alpha, to theta, and finally to your sleep frequency, which is delta. As you mind goes through these different frequencies, your body relaxes more and more. This is the ideal time to implant the thoughts and visions you want to achieve.

These three steps will have an amazing affect on your results as you begin to control your thinking. Aligning your thoughts with your goals will draw more of the people, ideas and situations you need to help you effortlessly reach your goals.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

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