NYT2008121512593046C What if you could literately open the floodgates to wealth by simply changing the way you think? Imagine how powerful it would be if you could control your mind in a specific way, and by so doing, manufacture the exact outcomes you desired.

I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN. To take it even further, YOU MUST, if you want to live a life YOU control. The unfortunate fact is that there are other entities that are paid great sums of money to direct your thinking. Left unattended, your mind is literately control and guided to actions that may not be to your best interest.

Indeed the most powerful skill anyone can develop is the ability to FULLY control their mind. The following three mental principles will pave the way for you to do just that.

Mental Principle #1; Every thought counts: Every thought you have moves you along a certain path. Every thought you think produces an energy vibration that either attracts things to you or repels things away from you. If you are looking to acquire wealth, long-term wealth, then every thought you think must be scrutinized so that it aligns with your desired outcome.

If you are focused on wealth building, then it is detrimental to indulge in a conversation with your uncle on how the economy is tanking. Every thought counts. Do you realize that some people sit in their cars listening to propaganda talk radio that is specifically designed to instill fear in them? And this is done DAILY. Millions are allowing themselves to be hypnotized by these unscrupulous entities, therefore giving up control over their minds and ultimately, their actions.

Get into the habit of aligning your thinking with your goals. It’s worth repeating; Every thought counts.

Mental Principle #2; Energy flows where attention goes: This powerful principle opens us up to the truth that we create our reality by where we chose to place our attention. In other words, FOCUS.

Mother Theresa once said, “I will not attend any anti-war protests. But I will gladly attend any Peace Rally.” Those simple statements indicate that Mother Theresa fully understood the importance of where you focus your attention, you bring into existence. So how does this mental principle influence wealth building?

What if you focused on how difficult it was to get sales for your business? Where would your energy be flowing? What reality would you be actively creating?

What if instead you started thinking, “I am attracting the perfect prospect for my business.” Picture the complete turn-around your mind would make if you began consciously focusing on attracting the ideal clients. Focus equals reality. Focus expands your reality.

In keeping the first principle in mind, thinking creates the vibration that attracts your goals, and focus expands that energy and creates the reality.

Mental Principle #3; You cannot create or attract prosperity with a poverty mentality: This principle ties it all together. For me personally, this principle changed my life dramatically.

I spent decades studying wealth building strategies, but somehow couldn’t break through. I never really made any significant progress, and I didn’t know why. Then one day I was listening to a Napoleon Hill lecture on prosperity thinking. I remember him saying once your mind starts focusing on prosperity the floodgates of wealth will open.

At that point I started noticing how much I was focusing on poverty. For example, I noticed that when I went to a restaurant and looked at the menu, my eyes immediately went to scan the prices instead of the selections. I would often choose the $10 hamburger instead of the $20 steak.

I had hundreds of those little things that essentially where automatic for me. Unknowingly, my mind was deeply focused on poverty. Let me say it again, “You cannot create or attract prosperity with a poverty mentality.” Once I started changing my focus from poverty to prosperity, EVERY THING CHANGED!

Think about this, poverty mentality tells us that there just isn’t enough to go around. Best we not spend or share because we will deplete our resources. Prosperity mentality says there is an unending supply. The more I give, the more comes back to me.

Now, if we put these three principles together; “Every thought counts,” “Energy flows where attention goes,” and “You cannot create or attract prosperity with a poverty mentality” we create a set of guiding principles that magnetize you to wealth.

If you practice these three and make them a habit of thinking, you will live what Napoleon Hill so eloquently said about your ability to attract money; You will open the floodgates to wealth.

So what do you do now? Be aware that every thought counts. Know that what you allow to occupy your mind affects where you ultimately move towards. Align your thoughts with your goals.

Second, realize that what you focus on expands. When it is all said and done, YOU create your reality by what you choose to focus on. This is very different from a fleeting thought. Focus means projected thought energy. Be very careful where you focus your attention.

Finally, if you truly desire to attract wealth, YOU MUST ERADICATE POVERTY MENTALITY AND REPLACE IT WITH A PROSPERITY MENTALITY. When you do, magic happens. In fact, the changes you will experience will be beyond anything you can currently imagine.

If you are struggling with wealth creation, don’t search for more money making strategies. Look deep into yourself and start controlling how your mind thinks. I challenge you to put these three principles into practice for the next 90 days. If you do, you will never turn back.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”




Mike Martinez


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