List building secretsIsn’t it ironic that although most online marketers have heard the age old expression, “The Money is in the list,” over 95% of marketers don’t have a list? What is even more incredible is that those same marketers continue to buy because of emails, yet they refuse to acknowledge the power and effectiveness of list building and email marketing.

The cycle is devastating. They get introduced to a new program. It all sounds solid… a no-brainer. So they jump in with both feet. They are happy that they are “ALL-IN.” The problem begins when they attempt to market the program. Somehow, no one wants in. Could it be that they got SCAMMED?

It’s not a matter of getting scammed, it’s a matter of not having your marketing in order. Not having a list makes it increasingly difficult to market anything. While those that do have a list ease by straight to the top by virtue of their marketing being well formulated.

Here are the top four reasons why most marketers avoid list building;

  • They refuse to admit the importance: Unfortunately, this is the biggest reason why most people don’t create their own list. Somehow they believe that they can build a solid consistent income without first building a targeted customer list. One of two things eventually happens; They either quit in total frustration, or they eventually (in some cases after many years), wake up and start the list building process. In both cases, precious time is wasted.
  • They get overwhelmed: Most online marketers are on so many lists themselves, daily receiving multiple emails offering THEM the next new thing, or the next shiny object that they become paralyzed by information overload. This is a very common problem.
  • They feel that they don’t know what to do: List building requires some set up, but it is far from being difficult. In fact, these days ANYONE can set up a form or a squeeze page fairly quickly. It doesn’t cost much, if anything and you really don’t need much technical know-how.
  • They lack the mentorship: By far the fastest way to move forward in your online career is to find the right mentors and follow their directions instead of reinventing the wheel. The proper guidance will shorten the learning curve dramatically.

List building is a simple, yet ABSOLUTELY required skilled for those that are serious about making money online. If anyone tells you that you can in fact make a solid, long term income online without building a list, you may want to reconsider their advice.

The facts are clear; the top online earners put much priority to list building. That is a good example to for you to follow. Don’t waste another day, get started building your list today. Click here to learn more about list building.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

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