Network Marketing Success in 2012Are resolutions an utter waste of time, or is there something magical about setting the mind on a specific yearlong goal?

The end of the year or the beginning of a new one, can have a triggering affect for many people. Some take the time to reflect and anguish over missed opportunities. Others celebrate over newfound success. Whichever category you fell into last year, you have a completely fresh start today to build toward more success and celebration. Follow these 5 strategies for making your resolutions into your reality.

1 Get clear: Clarity is power. The key to turning resolutions into reality begins with getting a clear picture of the goal you desire. That goal must be crystal clear, ever present, and extremely attractive to you. Your mind is designed to bring into reality that which you deeply desire. However, in order to do that you must be able to transform those desires into a clear and vivid picture. Nothing happens unless it first happens in the mind.

2 Maintain your focus: It is not enough to just get a clear picture of your goal once or twice and then move on to other things. In order to activate this law of mind, you must maintain your focus for an extended period of time, almost to a point of obsession. Eventually your mind will pick up and internalize your goal. At that point you will be led to success. Things will begin to fall into place. The people who’s assistance you need will begin to appear in your life. Ideas will spring into your mind, and things will begin to happen that will seem almost magical. However, these actions only occur once the goal is internalized. And internalization only happens by consistently maintaining the goal within the focus of your mind.

3 Trust: Many take this formula and simply don’t believe it is in fact true. Yes, they try these five steps, half-heartedly, but deep inside they don’t believe they are capable of success. So when the mind begins to try to direct them, they doubt. They stall. They give up. In order for this mental guidance to work, you need to follow the two steps above, and then have enough faith to follow through on the inspirations and opportunities that will come your way. In short, you need to trust. If you are afraid to make errors or mistakes, get over it. You are going to make them anyway. Have fun making mistakes. Mistakes provide the best lessons in life. In addition, if you try something and it doesn’t work, guess what, now you know what doesn’t work. Now, you are better than before. When it comes to taking risk, always remember the old basketball adage, “You miss every shot you don’t take.”

4 Create a support team: This step is one that many people miss, and yet it can be the deciding factor as to whether your goals materialize or not. In reality, you can’t make any resolution into a reality without the support, help, or assistance of others. Yet by intelligently employing others, you can manifest your desires much quicker. A good idea is to create an association with someone who is committed to a goal similar to yours. In fact, the more people you can put together that share the same goals, the better the flow of ideas will be between the group. This can propel the attainment of success a thousand fold. Find people that share your desires and create a mastermind alliance with them.

5 Keep moving: Once you get clear on your resolutions, drill them into your subconscious, surround yourself with the right team, and start following your intuition, get in motion and stay in motion. Do something every day to get yourself closer to your goals. Inertia is the killer of achievement. To paraphrase the law of Physics; A goal in motion tends to stay in motion. A goal at rest tends to stay at rest. Don’t allow yourself excuses. Push beyond obstacles. Get yourself out of your comfort zone. Outside of your comfort zone is where you will find your goals.

In summary, the beginning of a New Year can be an exciting time for setting goals and creating a vision of the future that is inspiring. However, to turn resolutions into reality takes focus, commitment, support, and action. Use the five steps reviewed here to manifest your desires. Dare to dream bigger, and act as if anything you desire can be yours. Then, get to work and make it happen.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

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