Is it possible to go from broke bouncer to being worth over $360 million in just a few years? It is if you know how to add value.

This simple idea of adding value has been crystallizing in my brain for several years now. Whenever I train on it, I can see some faces frown. I’m guessing the idea running thru their head’s is, “Now again. Mike is talking about value AGAIN.”

Well YES, Mike is talking about value again! And the reason why is because VALUE is where it’s at. If you truly want success, wealth and recognition… FIND A WAY TO ADD VALUE!

In fact, find a way to add MASSIVE VALUE. That is the key. Here is an inspiring example of adding massive value and reaching massive success.

danaEntrepreneur Magazine recently published an article featuring Dana White, President of the UFC. In the article, they describe the peaks and valleys the UFC went thru during is business history.

The UFC was recently sold for over $5 Billion. In the process, Dana White was given over $360 million. When you consider that just a few decades ago Dana White was a broke and struggling amateur boxer and part-time bouncer, and today he is worth over $360 million, you can see why I talk so much about ADDING VALUE.

When Dana White was presented with the opportunity to become the UFC president, the organization was deep in debt. It was literately in shambles. It seemed as if no one could bring it back to life.

The UFC was covered in massive debt, legal problems, the Government was shutting down it’s licenses as Senator John McCain was pursuing legislation to “End the human cock-fighting.”

Yet Dana White found a way to re-invent the UFC to what it is today; a world-wide, multi-billion dollar sporting attraction. How did he do that? By getting himself, as well as the organization, to add value for it’s customers.

Were there ups and downs? No doubt about it. But through it all, Dana White relished in the glory that he was not only handling it obstacles, he was overcoming. That deserves major respect.

So when you hear me talking about “Adding Value,” don’t frown about it. Instead, pick up the concept and run with it. Your wealth and success will be in direct proportion to the value you add. PERIOD!

Remember, it’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez

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