In the world that we live in today more people are looking for ways in which they can get more control over their life and the results they produce. That is why so many people are looking to understand the law of attraction. And the law of attraction really is misunderstood by most people.

Although the movie . “The Secret”, was released in 2005, literature was written about it back in the early 1900’s. However, “the Secret” was a phenomenal success. It went viral. Half a billion people have watched it all over the world. And it was about the law of attraction. Everybody thinks they understand the law of attraction ’cause they watched “The Secret”. Watching “The Secret” does not educate you on the law of attraction. What it does, it creates an awareness that there is such a law. What we have to understand is that it’s a secondary law.

Now, what do we mean by that? Well there’s a primary law called the law of vibration. The law of vibration decrees that everything in this universe moves, nothing rests. The body in a coffin is moving. You’re probably thinkin’, Mike is smoking’ something. Listen, if the body in a coffin wasn’t moving, how would it ever change to dust. It’s always moving. It’s always vibrating. Everything vibrates.

We live in an ocean of motion. Take a microscope and look at a solid wall. It’s not solid. It only appears to be solid, a perception problem there. You’ll see the wall moving right in front of your eyes. There’s a particle of energy and they’re dancing right before your eyes. That’s the law of vibration. The law of vibration decrees everything moves, nothing rests. We literally live in an ocean of motion. Now, this physical instrument we’re living in, we call our body, is a molecular structure and it’s in a very high speed of vibration.

The brain is an incredibly interesting organ. Our brain is an electronic switching station. When we activate brain cells we alter the vibration in different parts of the body. I could not move my hand up and down or my arm up and down without first giving a message to my brain to do that. Well, the brain activates cells in the body. It sets up a vibration in the body. The vibration that the mind and body are in is going to dictate what you attract because when you put yourself into vibration, what you’re really doing is put yourself on a specific frequency.

 Vibration and Goal setting

That’s what you do when you set a goal. Most people set a goal and then wait for it to happen. It’s never going to happen. You’ve got to assume that it’s already happened. You’ve got a picture of it in your mind. You MUST create it mentally first. Mentally, it must already have happened. It’s happened because I’ve got the idea in my conscious mind. If I didn’t have the idea in my conscious mind I couldn’t write this post about it. The very fact I can articulate this to you means that I’ve already got it. Then I’ve got to get emotionally involved in it. I’m already emotionally involved in the goal that I’ve got.

I’ve got it intellectually, I’ve got it emotionally. It’s only a period of time until it moves into form. How does it move into form? Well, you attract whatever’s required for it to move into form. You attract all the energy that’s necessary to produce the physical result. How do you do that? You do that by intellectually and emotionally staying in the vibration of the good that you desire. You see it already in the present tense. So, that keeps you on the frequency and that frequency then dictates what you’re going to attract. You can only attract to you what’s in harmonious vibration with you. Now, if you’re holding an image that you can’t get something, you’re on that vibration, you’re not going to get it. But, if you can see yourself with it, you know it’s coming to you, you know it, you know it’s only a period of time. You’re not quite sure what the time is, but you know it’s just a period of time. By universal law, that thing’s going to manifest in your life.

Who controls your vibrations

Ultimately you have the control over the frequency you put yourself in.  Now you must exercise caution because outside influence can and may alter your vibrations, if you allow them.

You have control of the vibration that you’re in. The vibration then, called the frequency, you put yourself on the frequency that the good you desire’s on. Let’s suppose I’m going to have a lot of money. If I want to attract a lot of money I’ve got to see myself with a lot of money. I got to mentally accept I’ve already got it. I don’t let my bank account dictate that.

I choose that. I’m choosing myself to see myself with a good I already desire. I’m on that frequency. Now the trick is to stay on that frequency. Most people look at the results and they let the results dictate the frequency they’re on. That’s why they keep getting the same results. They have the image in their mind. They’ve already reached the goal they want. They’re already successful and somebody else comes along and says, “well, you haven’t got those results.” You must direct your own mind. In my mind I have, but they’re not looking in my mind. They’re looking at my present results. And then pretty soon I start listening to them and think, “God, they’re right. I look at my results, I haven’t got it.” Do you see why we keep getting’ poor results? You’ve got to see yourself with the good you desire. By controlling your conscious mind and controlling your emotional states, you then control the vibrations and frequency.

You’ve got to hold that image in your mind. You’ve got to know it’s going to come and that will attract everything that’s necessary. See, nothing is created or destroyed. Everything’s already here, if not in one frequency, certainly in another. Or not in one state, certainly in another. We’ve got to get on the frequency of the good that we desire and we will attract it into our life just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

And we can do that. Now, are you going to understand it just based on what I said? No, you probably won’t. But, at least you now created an awareness. Understand the idea. My body is a mass of energy. My mind, my brain, my mind activates the brain cells. The brain is an electronic switching station. If I change my thinking,, my body changes. There’s probably something here I should study. That is the key. You need to fully grasp this idea and internalize it.

Hopefully on what I’ve told you, has inspired you to test these ideas and see for yourself. This takes you testing and experimenting with your mind and body to help you create the vibrations you need to be in in order to attract your specific desires. Ultimately, you’ve got to get in the right vibration.

You’ve got to understand it. You’ve got to understand the natural laws that govern this whole universe.  If you don’t understand them you’re leaving it up to chance or luck and odds are pretty good it isn’t going to happen very well.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had mentors that walked me through some of these intricate details. The details that will help me direct my mind and emotions to put myself into frequencies that match with my desires. Then all I had to do was put my personal effort into the mix daily, and like magic, the law of attraction worked for me.

The key lesson is vibration

 If you want a shortcut to mastering how to create the frequencies that will help you align with the law of attraction to achieve your deepest desire, I’ve created a home study video course called “the law of attraction alignment.” This course will take you step by step while you master the ability to create the frequency you need to attract your goals. It’s actually magical what happens when you start using the techniques in the course.

If you were to leave with just one idea from this lesson, it should be that you have the power to manufacture your own vibrations. If you can maintain the appropriate frequency, by law you will be invoking the law of attraction.

We are God’s highest form of creation. There’s nothing that will equal us. We can accomplish anything, but we’ve got to raise our level of conscious awareness. We’ve got to understand these laws and we’ve got to live in harmony with them. That’s when we’re going to start to get the good we desire. It’s a beautiful thing to understand. I thank God I understand it. Today you’ve increased you awareness on the law of vibration.

Once you fully understand the law of vibration, everything else is going to fall into place for you. As Nicoli Tesla said, “To understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Mike Martinez