How to do video marketingI’ve been busy working on a new video course that will take people step by step using video marketing to market themselves and their business. I’m just adding the finishing touches, but I needed your help in making sure I’m answering all the questions people have about video marketing.

This is where you come in. I’d love to hear from you and see what concerns you have about using video for marketing yourself and your business. Those that participate in adding questions to this post will get a free ebook that details how you can get 10,000 hits on your Youtube videos within a week or two.

So please feel free to add your questions and concerns about video/Youtube marketing as comments to this post. Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

Remember, “It’s your time to shine!”

Mike Martinez

    3 replies to "Video Marketing… What do you want to know?"

    • Michael Ivey

      I do think the video marketing aspect has tremendous potential. It appears to me just off the cuff that someone marketing something somewhat “live’ and in person could be much more successful that the standard email/print versions. Do you think this could work effectively for both product sales and business invitations??

      • admin

        You are correct Mike. Video creates a connection on a deeper level than just reading. It actually allows the viewer to connect on many levels. Thanks for the comment. Let’s connect on the phone buddy.

    • jennifier

      There are many facts about video marketing. Many people think that video marketing is just a wastage of time, but I suppose now even it is a very good way to enhance a business. most of the people creates a video in a hurry, but do not forget that a powerful video is very necessary in video marketing. Good script, perfect actors and visualization all matters in a video marketing.

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