wordpress trainingA week doesn’t pass where I don’t get tons of emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls asking about how to use WordPress for blogging. I absolutely love training about WordPress simply because it is a marketer’s dream website. Currently, over 70 million WordPress sites are floating around cyberspace.

I highly recommend that marketers use WordPress to quickly have a functional website that can be customized very professionally, quickly. Aside from the fact that blogging is an incredible way to build an income online, WordPress makes the entire process simple, especially for beginning bloggers.

WordPress training; Easy to get started

What makes using WordPress an easy proposition is that you need very little technical skills to get up and running very quickly. WordPress training can get anyone building their site within minutes. This platform is designed to be a plug and play site from header to footer. All you need to do is faithfully add new fresh content that pertains to your audience. If you continue loading your WordPress site with good fresh content, your audience will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

WordPress training; Google loves WordPress

Another huge advantage that WordPress sites have, as opposed to other blogging platforms, is that Google loves wordpress. How to use wordpress for gaining top search engine ranking is not difficult at all. Google itself searches out WordPress sites to index them quickly. Because of how wordpress is designed, Google’s robots finds it’s content very. Getting free traffic from Google is a major bonus for using this simple platform.

WordPress training; The magic of plugins

Here is probably WordPress’s biggest advantage; Plugins. Plugins are software scripts that are design to be used specifically on WordPress sites. There are thousands of free plugins, everything from digital visitor counters that give you specific traffic details, to spam filters, to video and optin plugins. Everything you can think of to run an effective and professional website can be found in the form of a plugin. This makes your site look like you’ve spent thousands of dollars to set up, when in reality it’s the magic of WordPress plugins.

How to add WordPress plugins is the best part. Again, you don’t need to be a techno genius. It’s as simple as uploading the plugin to your WordPress back office, and activating. Anyone can add and activate plugins within minutes.

WordPress training; Backlinks

Backlinks is the process of having other websites creating this sort of bridge online. In other words, another website related to your website link back to you. This is another thing that Google loves. In fact, backlinks are a great way to gain 1st page ranking on Google. Learning how to use WordPress to create tons of backlinks is very easy. In a nutshell, by simply visiting other WordPress sites related to yours, adding comments that contain your WordPress site URL, you create a backlink.

As your audience grows, your readers will also add comments to your blog post, and those comments will have backlinks also. This will also boost your rankings on Google. A true win/win situation, and a very highly recommended strategy for search engine optimization. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsjIJPxrBT0

WordPress training; Conclusion

Learning how to use WordPress for your online marketing business can be the best thing you can do to maximize your marketing efforts, position yourself on the search engines, and most importantly, brand yourself. It pays to use and learn WordPress for your business.

Remember, “it’s your time to shine!”

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p.s. Here is a great WordPress video tutorial series… Click here for the WordPress video tutorials.


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